Latin singers have certainly managed to incorporate more than half a dozen musical styles, from salsa and reggaeton to hip-hop and afro-fusion; Although the rhythm of breaking your neck meant that several songs were finished before you could sneeze, the duo showed that they could sing, dance, surf in the crowd, do pole dance, belly dance, even play guitar and drums, one of The best shows. Half-time Super Bowl: the explosive combination J.LoKira certainly showed at all times a kinetic landscape and sometimes more than impressive.

“Hi Miami!” Shouted Shakira, opening the show, she began her presentation on her own, without dancers or large production, so she appeared completely dominated the stage, obviously we know that the perspective of a Super Bowl show sung in Spanish for more than half of the present would have been simply unimaginable “fact that Shakira did not stop going blank and take advantage, making it clear that the Latin force is stronger than ever”, the Colombian artist did a string dance without finding another more successful expression, we can say super sexy , she shook the floor with the world-famous hit “She Wolf” before going to hot Empire rock, playing some Kashmir music by Led Zeppelin while playing a guitar with black sequins.

Of course, it would be impossible to consider that an event of tremendous magnitude would go unnoticed by social networks, that can not even be thought, of course, that it was exactly what happened, all users of all social networks cried out for Shakira and López ( alias we make it clear that they have an incredible chemistry on stage, that cannot be denied). The brilliant costumes and fireworks that made a show surrounding Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium combined with the impressive in a pyrotechnic musical show.

“We’re going to show the world what two Latin girls can do,” Jennifer Lopez told Shakira, just before entering the Super Bowl Half-Time Show box.

J.Lo, dressed in a studded leather suit, the singer showed her staccato dance moves; In addition to the challenging pole dance skills he learned by playing with Ramona in last year’s blockbuster “Hustlers,” also J. Balvin, from Colombia, performed Que Calor e Mi Gente. Later, his own 11-year-old daughter, Emme Maribel Muñiz, sang the success of the “Let’s Get Loud” dance floors, Shakira and López made us relive their greatest musical successes with great enthusiasm, even today when we see the show again our hips dance with Shakira with “LHips don’t lie” and we left the floor with “Waiting for tonight” by J.Lo, who wore on the top of a replica of the Empire State Building while singing.

It was very clear that for the Latino public it was undoubtedly more than a simple presentation (whose expression is very far from reality when it comes to these two women who just hear their names shake the ground) due to the importance it means in the States United the Super Bowl, is one of the most important and expected events for everyone, J.LoKira used the stage to send a clear message, the Latin audience vibrates worldwide, but these two icons are currently one of the figures and voices stronger than they represent the power of Latin women. The NFL says there are 30.2 million Latin American football fans in the United States, a figure that has increased by two million since 2017, the electrifying duo has given much more than a show, there is no doubt that there is much to celebrate in Latin culture Obviously, after this presentation Titanic will make Latin American NFL fans now grow more than ever, in general, attending the J.LoKira part-time show ranged from “I loved it” to “I want to live the experience and see the show again and again, ”the halftime presentation was conceived as an all-inclusive party, a party that integrated cultures and diversity.

The singers only appeared together until the end, in a commemorative version of Waka Waka played by Shakira at the 2010 World Cup, it is undeniable that the two singers joined together to give one of the brightest Super Bowl shows in recent years!

I can’t wait to see J.LoKira together on stage again!

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