Undoubtedly, Rita Maluf is with Saturn literally in command of her actions, since we are ON TIME!

Rubén Torrego and Rita Maluf take the opportunity to talk in this episode about the importance of our actions and why TIME is so shocking in our lives, because we are increasingly firm in our decisions and enjoy life on another level, apparently going Beyond our strengths, it is not a random choice, it is because we know and are aware that we have managed to go far beyond what we do in our comfort zone.

Until March 19, 2017, we lived the narcissism of the Solar Age that brought us some evils: the inflated ego and everything turned towards your belly button.

The good thing about the Solar Age is that we create our identity and strengthen our self-esteem.

Now, after a 36-year cycle ruled by the sun, we have entered the Cycle or the Age of Saturn that will be present for the next 36 years.

In 2017, Saturn was also the ruling planet of the year, bringing an additional burden of responsibility. A year when many new structures began to emerge and many structures were shaken as well.

It is important to understand that this is not negative, but very positive.

Hard work, investments in personal projects, focus and concentration.

For those who planted good seeds, the harvest will be abundant.

We need to understand that, regardless of the planet of the astrological year that always begins in March along with the sign of Aires, we will always have a discipline of “Saturn touch”, concrete results and new structures.

Starting to abandon old patterns and create new bases can be wonderful!

For our evolution as a person and as a whole, renovating structures is very rewarding if we do it in a serious and conscious way.

Saturn, the lord of time, does not play in service and is there to help us! As soon as we set the pace of our challenges and projects, since we are on time to achieve everything that for a long time was waiting for the moment to wake up without further delaying the deserved moment of taking the baton and driving on our own beat, the symphony of our life.

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