It has been almost two decades since our dear Rubén Torrego first arrived in Brazil and it was precisely Dentist Ronei Campos who started and who has been taking care of his oral health, today in our studio we had the long awaited moment by Rubén Torrego to speak clearly and openly about the daily care that has to be maintained to care for and predict caries the buildup of tartar on teeth, he starts by asking Ronei about the dentists ethics, what they have to do and what they want to do to you depending on what the dentist in question wishes to charge for the services…

Very common to meet with dentists who are much more concerned with offering us expensive cosmetic services than starting with oral care, I know beyond the review of the current state of health of your smile, do a cleaning for example, today we have arrived and entered a world of marketing in which illusion is sold and costly and quick solutions, avoiding in many situations even removing caries or tartar first, will go straight to you and ready to give up and pay whatever is necessary to have the smile promised by the dentist.

The question started with ethics and Ronei perfectly positions what is the correct meaning of the word in the world of dentists, we believe from that moment that then we already know who is who dentists we have visited during our lives, in order to find the dentist to tell you honestly first about what situation your teeth are in and what would be the first step to be taken.

We were very attentive to all the moments when Ronei talked to Torrego about the steps to be taken for perfect oral health, demystified the use of mouthwash, the millions of bacteria we have in a single drop of saliva and how we can To avoid unnecessary diseases in our mouth and how to keep our teeth clean and healthy, we can’t wait for the moment when we start talking to him now about the aesthetics of our smile what we have to consider and how we can identify the best treatment for We have a multitude of options to achieve a smile that is best suited for our professional activities and the bone structure of our face.

Torrego can’t wait to continue this interview and get to know the latest and most sought after treatments by day-to-day patients at the clinic as well as the most famous personalities and celebrities in the world.

Stay tuned that part two of this interview is more than spectacular!!!

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