At some point the paths seem to be completely parallel and even one-sided, by that I mean this video is an example that no matter where in the world you are today you have the power to change the destiny of your life, to create a new page in the book of your life and all you have to do is open your mind, heart and spirit so that the universe in balance with your faith opens up the opportunities, echoes what you dream, want and deserve, not leave tomorrow what TODAY has to do!

We love to find this video from our dear Art Director and CFO of our Broadcast Channel ESTOTV Arilton Freitas sharing scene with their own son Paulo Henrique Freitas, this video made in 1993 Father and son had the opportunity to work together on advertising that besides promoting Brazilian agriculture, specifically the Brazilian apple, has created a unique bond and story that will have a lifetime beyond what it already has and will have a lifetime.

Not always have the opportunity to work on TV together with the son or the Father, having this serendipity is undoubtedly a message beyond the visual, today thanks to technology we can remaster the advertising commercial giving a UP in the image and sound, thus achieving postpone this single moment even longer.

We hope you enjoy it again (for those who had the opportunity to watch it in 1993) or for the first time, here at ESTOTV we encourage Parent support for children with artistic interests and for Parents to open up to be part of these. interests or share the taste for the arts to the children !!!

ESTOTV sharing and being part of the story.

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