Today is the best day to take action, put your priorities in order, be grateful for all that you are living, work for what you want and LIVE.

I would love to say that live is the simplest thing that exists, in a way it is, if it is more than that, but there are several points that we need to be aware of it, avoid, learn to stop carrying the burden of others, respect at all times, work, enjoy the silence, whatever, could be a long list of things to do and at the end it all end up being a matter of time, this sentence: until you do not live, you will not understand, in some things this is actually accurate, the experience is the only way to understand, in others cases, we are far from having to go through some experiences, but not having to live it, it’s far from being unconscious pretending nothing happend!

In order to reach your life goals… you have to let others live!

With this theme, Rubén Torrego gives the first flag to his TO-ALERT program, because that is exactly what life is all about, being alert, paying attention to the senses, instincts, going beyond what society dictates or the comfort zone , realize dreams, challenges, projects, give freedom to the imagination, be aware of what is reality, fantasy, think before acting …

Putting bullets or numbering would be redundant, so let’s move on and start TODAY our change of attitude toward life, our own decisions.

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