Inspiration from great novels, Princess dreams of blue, pink, silver … inspiration from BIJOIAS 86th Edition “Riviera”

Definitely BIJOIAS more than an event is a meeting of sparkles, dreams, glamor and business right in the palm of your hand, that is, B8 EVENTOS, promoter and organizer, is the main responsible for this successful and prestigious business fair, BIJOIAS is the largest trade show in the jewelry sector, semi jewelry, silver jewelry, jewelry and accessories in Latin America, which takes place four times a year in the largest metropolis of South America – São Paulo, Brazil -, this 86th edition brings together more 200 exhibitors.

ESTOTV as tradition is present, this time our dear anchor presenter of the channel Rubén Torrego was not alone conducting the interviews and coverage of this edition, the dear and talented Diana Dahre and Angela Pereira were also with him to achieve the maximum. interview and bring you all the best of the Riviera, you can already imagine how was the Production and Art Direction team led by the talented Director Arilton Freitas who was in touch with everything that happened during the recordings, Torrego missed no opportunity to make new friends in each interview starting with “Queen BIJOIAS” the entrepreneur and great friend of the family ESTOTV executive director Vera Masi who told us about all that led to bring the French Riviera to Brazil with all the splendor, brilliance , colors and glamor of the most chic region of France, obviously each and every one of the more than 200 exhibitors open They plow the proposal and brought the most exclusive of its collections.

It was a huge start to finish, the parade was like an airport boomerang the fair aisles were crowded the people looked the same but no, they were hundreds of entrepreneurs taking advantage of the BIJOIAS carry-on concept, they packed their bags (literally the MALAS ) full of the most exclusive pieces, this is a unique opportunity for all retailers, retailers and new entrepreneurs in the luxury market, as another of the concepts that differentiate this imposing fair is that it was conceived and designed exclusively for them, despite seeing so many It should be mentioned here that it is not an event open to the public, only those who can enter are those who perform their registration and prove that they work in the jewelry, jewelry, fashion and fashion industry.

The collections, which embark on a journey through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, reaffirm the value of sophisticated handmade work in boho and gipsy prints; they enhance the sparkle, glamor and exaggeration of the dance floor, influencing today’s celebrities vibe, and rescue the romanticism of the Victorian era in more classic pieces. But with an eye to the future, they demonstrate the influence of technology and sustainability processes – ecofriendly – on their creations.

From each theme, many ways to live the most joyous and vibrant season of the year!

The sea brings to fashion the whole universe of fauna and flora, with pieces in the shape of shells, snails, corals, stars and shells, with organic and stripped design. Highlight for the mother-of-pearl, coral and abalones of the cities, the 1970s Bohemian climate of St. Tropez comes in fringes, tassels, macrame, natural stones, straw, crochet, colorful animal print and a great deal of mysticism. in a wave of wristbands, headband and chokers made with leather and jeans. From the hillside gardens and woods, extremely romantic pieces with many flowers, crystals, pearls and foliage, worthy of the Monaco princesses, recall the elegance of Queen Grace Kelly.

The current exuberance of accessories is manifest in the international jetset, which does not dispense with the sparkle of rhinestones, metallic mesh, crystals, macro stones, zirconia-studded rings, coins and medals, large earrings, bracelets and chokers. with the innovation of colored enamel paintings. In a more futuristic perspective, geometry appears in minimalistly designed pieces, in pastel tones and touches of neon or vibrant colors, being the protagonists resins, acrylics and technological materials. Highlight for transparencies and crystal effect.

We are anxious to know what Vera is already projecting for the 87th Edition that will be held in November, after what this show presented us we know that what is coming is more than a challenge is a temptation, surely all Loyal entrepreneurs visiting BIJOIAS are already providing larger bags, I doubt that soon we will need a “Golf Cart” to be able to navigate each and every one of the corridors.

Then, I could see in the smile of Rubén Torrego, Diana Dahre and Angela Pereira how was the fair of incredible.

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