Have you ever read the letters on the Jeans labels? Well, many of them clearly specify avoiding the frequent washing of jeans for their better conservation, simple to avoid washing the jeans.

How often do we wear the same jeans because gradually it gets more molded to the body?

Yes, the question is the answer and this is one of the reasons that the jeans fabric is one of the only that over time is becoming better adapted to the body and becoming more durable and resistant (as long as you take the proper care ) for many is not news, some for knowledge and others like me, why simply the pants will be shaping up to the body better day by day, the explanation is logical jeans were designed for a very different end to the present day, today it is a basic piece in our wardrobes, but they were created for the working and working class, so it had to be tough and lasting.

Now if for the best conservation of denim fabric is to avoid washing them, then what to do if you do not have blemishes? Then yes my dear friends would be necessary to wash them, unfortunately attacking the environment with detergents, contaminating and wasting water unnecessarily and FINISHING with life … of the … Your jeeeeaaans !!! POOOOOOR AMOOOR OF GOD !!!!! What is it that hurts the most? Initially for sure, but already serious talking besides taking care of your jeans, you will contribute taking care of our planet, saving water today before it is too late.

So let’s avoid dirtying them or staining them, so the only thing we have to do to take away the bad smell and the bacteria is FREEZE, so separate a corner or buy a MEGA freezer depending on your needs ha-ha- there is.

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