As Dr. Bacteria is always reminding us, it is important to always maintain hygiene even when buying something as simple as a can. And why did we mention it to you? Because we are very accustomed to trusting our products directly from the store, but it is important that we stop to think that something as simple as a coin can be full of bacteria (for all the hands that touched before reaching us) so imagine all that a simple supermarket can that goes through various processes and hands before arriving at home, have passed through the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, customers, vendors, deliverers etc. OCH are undoubtedly full of bacteria, in the end the responsibility is not only the shopkeeper they are just putting them on the shelf is ours.

And the reality is that we are very accustomed to arrive in our homes and put the cans we just bought in the store to use them later, although often we do not even think that this product, like others, went through a lot to get there for our hands; nor did we think of the whole process that the cans might have passed until we arrived at our house, usually as we do not know where it was, whether it was surrounded by land, whether the people who took it had clean hands, etc.

An example of this “not knowing” situation that Torrego mentioned during the segment is that in the case of the United States, people started to get sick after buying and drinking a very famous soda (better not even talk brands) and nobody knew exactly the reason This was happening to them. It turns out that, in fact, in the factory (or well as we already know the process is long, that from the factories the products are passed to warehouses where they expect to be distributed to the whole country, etc.) it was discovered that in one of the warehouses had a Infestation of mice (the better known as mice) that urinated and defecated leaving their residues in the products. So the soda cans were filled with urine and feces from all those mice and this is why people get sick while consuming these soft drinks without having previously washed the can.

Obviously it happened in this case that people bought the product trusting that there was no need to wash it before consuming it just by coming packed, in order to drink directly without wanting to get at least a moistened wipe to clean the can, #pooooooramooordedeus have taken directly to the mouth diseases and bacteria while drinking the soda, which resulted in almost, almost a tragedy since it was pure poison consumed by the people because of all the toxins in which the cans were covered.

We can test it at home to make sure it is not a lie, take any cans you have at home, get moistened paper and run it through the top of the can, we are 100% sure that it will end up full of completely dirty dust (or at least a bit) as we saw in the video.

And this, is actually nothing, to avoid getting sick does not need any really complicated process is just passing a cleaner to clean the cans.

Once you realize that, as always, Dr. Bacteria is not wrong, the process for what you really should do to disinfect your products is: take a sponge, detergent and moisten it. Once you have done this the following is cleaned you can literally wash it like a mess, everywhere, and in the end just dry the product with any dryer (because we want to avoid the excessive use of paper) and ready, we have a totally clean product guaranteed.

It may seem like we are exaggerating but really you never know what kind of bacteria, fungi are found in on the products bought and I know it’s a bit of lazy to think about having to clean them all but only because they are not fully visible or we we like to pretend “This time it is not dirty” does not mean that dirt and bacteria are not present … Just thinking really is cause nausea.

And if this sounds too much to you, our dear Dr. Bacteria goes through a much longer and much more meticulous process than we are teaching on this occasion, since it has an obsession to clean far beyond our understanding.

As always Dr. Bactéria does not fail to surprise us with his wise advice and unfortunately it is everything for now, but follow everything that comes as always is a very special content especially for you.


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