Do you like to use bold pieces that turn heads? Are you attracted to everything bright, sparkling and GLAM? We delve into the details of glam style and share tips for dressing in this style worthy of impressing! Again ESTOTV was present at the largest Latin American Costume Jewelry Fair, BIJOIAS that in this edition of “GLAM” our Broadcast Channel also marked an unprecedented agenda in this Fair, in partnership with CacauShow Vila Nova Conceição & Moema, ESTOTV had its own set of recordings which was early success at the end of the first day “GLAM” only this time the team was bigger than in any other edition as they were present covering and conducting interviews for ESTOTV: Rubén Torrego, Diana Dahre , Angela Pereira, Arilton Freitas, Isaías Ferreira in production and Paula Lopes in the most prominent clicks on the day.

Of course, glam is short for glamor. Think of uniquely designed coats, jewelry or dazzling shoes. While there are several ways to be glamorous, generally the style tends to be more genderless than at any other time in history. But you needn’t limit yourself to just one thing: it can certainly be “boho glam” or “retro glam” or something in between. While casual style is defined as uncomplicated comfort, glam is defined as extra and sophisticated. Think of a spectrum with an extremely casual being on one side and an extremely glam on the other, most people have fallen somewhere. We all have an informal attire from time to time, but those of us who are glamorous, our “casual” attire can be glamorous simply by adding a pair of sneakers with crystals or sequin, designer sunglasses, designer pants or, if We talk about makeup, they could be dazzling lips. If sounds like it could be you? maybe it’s time to update your style profile to glam.

What is the easiest way to fix your clothes? It’s simple, add accessories: jewelry, belts or bags, think of accessories as a simple and easy way to add and polish any outfit. The scarfs are a nice and elegant addition to any outfit, but they keep you wanting to dazzle.

Or how about a shocking bag when apparently in the outfit of the day it is not appropriate … let me tell you that an accessory, exclusive sunglasses or a designer bag can transform the image of any look, floral prints and bags with striking phrases. If you are an expert, the accessories last for years, even decades, for now, everyone is already familiar with the terminology “GLAM”, but believe us now … When the outfit or event does not allow the use of flashy accessories, an earring to stop the traffic are BASIC, instantly add glamor to your outfit! Follow the fashion of the tender and uneven earrings … yes, there are earrings that coordinate, but do not match (we like … a lot), crystal, stones and beads, the trend is about the MEGA GLAM earrings.

If you want a perfect tip, this time think of it as a sculpture.

You have probably heard the phrase “It’s all in the details” – a saying never quite as true as in the fashion world. And with trends toward minimalism and discreet dressing, accessories are more essential than ever to polish, perfect and customize a look. Whether selecting a purse or shoe that captures people’s attention or a beautiful jewelry design that is perfect for an effortless and stylish vibe, there is accessory art. Here we devote our attention to detail and describe the tips and tricks you need to know to take your extra game to the next level.

The saying “less is more” is especially true when working with powerful parts. Stacking all the big, tall and heavy styles of your jewelry box is an amateur move. Instead, focus on a single area or statement piece and let it be the highlight.

Select a single focal point when wearing jewelry to capture attention.

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