The end of the year parties bring joy, good cheer, lots and lots of food remains. It is an excellent thing to have abundant amounts, but you will have to take care too much the way you store it.

Thinking about that, our dear presenters of ESTOTIPS Torrego & Dr. Clean (Dr. Bacteria) bring us some excellent tips to be sure that they are consuming food with the optimum quality to maintain good health without risks of unnecessary diseases.

Placing hot foods in the fridge is an issue in which many are uncertain. Do I have to let it cool? Does placing hot food in the refrigerator jeopardize the proper functioning of the refrigerator? Will hot food change the temperature of the refrigerator? And, most importantly, is it safe?

The short and concise answer is yes, it is usually good to put hot food in the fridge. Actually, it is preferable. Despite any contrary information, putting hot foods in the refrigerator will not harm your fridge or affect the temperature of the food around you.

Health Canada emphasizes that bacteria can grow in food within two hours, unless it is refrigerated, especially high-risk foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs and other dairy products.

Keep in mind that some people, including young children, pregnant women, older adults and people with a weakened immune system, are more vulnerable to food poisoning. At this time of year you will probably be preparing food for a mix of people, and some may fall into those groups, and special care is needed with food storage.

The general rule for keeping food hot (60° C or hotter) and cold food with cold (4° C or colder) to keep them out of the danger zone, which is any temperature in between.

When you can have problems is if you have huge amounts of food in deep plates, like soup in large bowls. If it is placed full in the still hot fridge, it is likely that the center of the food does not cool at the same time or so quickly, leaving it at risk of remaining in the danger zone enough for the bacteria to multiply.

Therefore, be sure to store the remains in low containers, so that they can cool easily and make sure that the refrigerator is not sealed with much force, so that fresh air can circulate.
If your food is still very hot, steaming, it can be helped to cool it with ice water before. Ideal cooling until the steam stops at that moment is fine, but again we emphasize, the sooner it is placed in the fridge, the better. Do not forget about that and not the past two hours out of the fridge.

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