As some of you already know, it is impossible to see any segment where Dr. Bacteria appears and do not die of laughter, for having a unique and friendly way of expressing himself, he always brings a smile.
Together with Dr. Figueiredo, accompany us to the decontamination
inside the car with a few simple steps! First, we start keeping our car clean by clearing the steering wheel, which is one of the first things we play when we get in the car because that’s where the hands are located when it’s time to drive. The same hands that are responsible for picking up the money that comes from strangers into strangers, that we use to eat, among other day to day activities. To disinfect the wheel Dr. Figueiredo recommend taking a bottle of antibacterial gel and apply it in a handkerchief, which will help in the work of passing all areas of the wheel before use; One of the main reasons why it is recommended to use antibacterial to clean the steering wheel is because it costs absolutely nothing, it is practical, small and easy to carry, so there are no excuses for the pigs!

His second recommendation is that he personally recommend the use of his magic potion, the trick is to apply some sprays on the passenger seat in the car and spread it with a handkerchief that potion, according to Dr. Bacteria this method is efficient once that the He potion dries very quickly and it only takes a few minutes to spray it and spread it around the car.

When there are cases of vomiting inside the medical vehicle recommends applying all of the sodium bicarbonate affected by vomiting area and let it dry because bicarbonate is odorless and does not help spread the stain as this mixture is dry The next step for yourself getting rid of the disaster would suck the affected area and this technique ensures that you take in all the scent and get rid of the stains caused by that atrocity behind the wheel.
In fact, this strategy that I would have been quite useful to my cousin vomited in my car, honestly, it was disgusting, we were on the road back home and out of nowhere the boy started to get dizzy, literally vomited all the food in the car (already stinky you can imagine) as a madman started to use every few scarf that was in the car to try to dry everything and be clean but instead of doing it just made we were finished and the stitches were spreading and permeating the seats. The smell for the rest of the way was as scary as you can imagine and I could not remove it from the car as it was after a month; We are talking about it was a long month of driving around the city with the windows open at all times and avoiding bringing people to the car and shame it was great, not to mention that they never managed to remove all the stains and that my car would I go through many internal washes. Thanks to the sky I have been able to save a lot and I have been able to change the car so that I do not doubt that I will follow the doctor’s advice if there is a next time I have to go back to the little one. Tomorrow I put a bottle of baking soda in the car!

For more tips on hygiene and cleaning, follow the report of our dear guest Dr. Bactéria, we hope that soon we can meet again for another segment! If you want to be more attentive to your ingenious discoveries and tips, you can find more materials on our channel in this segment E-TIPS
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