During the countdown to Carnival in Brazil, we will present and show a little of the rehearsals and joy of the Brazilians. In this matter, you will learn more about one of the most traditional holidays and celebrations in Brazil … the Carnival.

As in other parts of the world, the Brazilian Carnival occurs just before Lent, the celebration has its origins in Portugal, where it began in the 15th century. During the colonization of Brazil, the Portuguese brought the celebration with them, especially after the Portuguese royal family moved to Brazil in 1808. At this stage, the city of Rio de Janeiro began to have its own celebration, mainly an aristocratic celebration, but slowly, the lower classes of society began to appropriate Carnival. The first blocks of the “Carnaval de Rua” parties started in Rio de Janeiro.

Nowadays, you have many options to enjoy the Carnival in Brazil. From the streets of Salvador and Recife, to the parades of the School of Samba in Rio de Janeiro and logical that in São Paulo also, precisely here is where Rubén Torrego begins the visits to the Sambódromo (a kind of “stadium” only that instead of field, have a 1.5 km street where the parades take place, this traditional space has been specially built for the carnival parades). Each city has its own characteristics and culture.

In Salvador, thousands of fans gather behind Trios Elétricos, big trucks with big sound systems, to sing and dance with famous Brazilian singers and bands. If in Recife, do not forget to watch the street carnival go through the historic center of Olinda and see the Frevo groups, the local musical style.

Every year, the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo gather in each city for the annual carnival parade. Each school has more than 3,000 people spread out on several wings. Usually they have an hour to do the parade, and a jury must assign brands to different elements of the parade: front commission, floats and props, progression and harmony, samba theme, spectacular battery etc. The most voted school is declared the winner. It is a beautiful “battle” of colors, shapes and sounds.

We follow closely the steps of the Empress Angela Pereira who tells a little about her first experience participating with one of the main roles in Carnival, each school has its Queen and her court of empresses, Angela is a successful entrepreneur and that is what attracted even more to want to enter fully into the world of participating schools, we discover that many, believe many of the participants are great entrepreneurs, celebrities, volunteers, samba lovers and vibrant lovers of this world-famous tradition.

Now that you are going to watch this article you will know a little more about Carnival, do not forget to live the experience, believe me it’s Amazing. Choose your favourite destination and enjoy the party!

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