Accessories, pendants, embellishments, complements, finishing touch … Call it what you want, the fact is that jewelry and jewelry make all the difference in the look and conquer almost everyone. Hard to resist the sparkles, the colors and shapes of these pieces that have been adorning men and women for hundreds and hundreds of years.

We have already counted here on very rare and ancient pieces already discovered. Historians have found a necklace with more than 5,300 years made of meteorite used by the ancient Egyptians. Since then, jewelry has made history and conquest of commoners to queens – the personal collection of Queen Elizabeth II has more than 23,000 precious stones in 300 unique items. We ordinary people can not have such a collection, but we can admire it. The British crown gives a taste to anyone who wants to enjoy these wonders: gather and display all the jewels in the Tower of London, one of London’s main tourist attractions.

But you do not have to be the queen to show off beautiful pieces of impact. Luckily we have every time designer more than skilled with amazing ideas and breathtaking creations. Other luck is that we have available materials more in mind than the queen’s stonework, but with a lot of quality and beautiful effects for pieces of great taste and sophistication.

In Brazil and in the world
A person who knows how to combine both – design and varied materials – is the designer Adriana Sola, founder of the brand Madame Mordô, which is in São Paulo. And it’s with her the Torrego chat today at #Estotrendy. Before opening her own brand, she shared her talent with the country’s major jewelers. Today, it accumulates more than 15 years of beautiful creations full of style, references and modernity. His desire is “to empower the Brazilian woman, to leave her confident of going even further.”

His ideas come from his creative and imaginative mind, but also from inspirations he gathers around the world. Travel is the main source of references and trends that increase and enrich your work.

“If I do not travel, if I do not go after trends, I can not do different things,” he says. Remembering that she is always six months ahead of our time. Today’s collection was made half a year ago, already anticipating the trends of this coming summer.

At Madame Mordô, Adriana brings silver jewelry and gold-plated semi-jewels to collections that are always fresh to fill their eyes. Although it sells only wholesale, it is possible to find branded parts by stores and representatives all over Brazil.

Mix of colors and uses
And not only silver and gold live the creations of Adriana. On the contrary, mixing different materials is a trademark of the designer.

Their pieces bring super colored stones and even different materials, like the leather galuchat. Many pieces carry this material that is nothing more than stingray leather. The use of it began many years ago, back in the 1920s and 1930s, in China and Japan to coat cases and decorative boxes. Today it is found in many pieces of decoration and also in jewelry.

Speaking of fish, animal is one of Adriana’s strongest bets on the collection. Following trends around the world, the designer has developed the collection, such as butterfly or dragonfly.

Versatility is also a watchword in Madame Bordô’s dictionary. Aside from being beautiful pieces that fall well in any situation, any time, anywhere, some are still sort of 2-in-1. Dismountable parts to have two model options. You can leave the house with one and change throughout the day, depending on the schedule and the will.

It’s trendy
Among the trends that accompany us, are following along this year or are still gaining strength, we can highlight some.

In the earrings, the rings are with everything. This is a classic, we can not deny. But now they are full force in different formats, with details, bigger or smaller, thicker or thinner … anything goes! It also has long earrings. But long meeeesmo, which is to draw attention, stand out in the look and highlight your face. Other things that are out there are flowers. Flowers and jewels have everything to do: both are beautiful, enchant, adorn, rejoice … Why not join them, right? And flowers always look good. Gain also on the retro earrings, the ones with the face that came from grandma’s closet or a super cool brechó.

In the necklaces is eight or eighty: either choker (the chokers) or long in layers. In the hands, something that draws attention is the adornment in the little finger. These rings were used in the Victorian Era and from time to time give a fashionable pass. How it’s happening now.

Among the themes, we have the maritime themes – and this includes from the reproduction of nautical accessories such as rudder and anchor, to sea creatures and shells. In fact, the highest shell is the shells we found in the beach shops, you know?

We also have pendants with letters – mount your alphabet with the initials you want to honor and do not want to stay away from. And the Greek eye (the one who is good at warding off evil looks and, so beautiful it is, is also good for sprucing up) came back to the accessories.

Capriche in colors, many, mixed, vibrant! In metals, gold has returned with everything and promises to invade the boxes of jewelry of the most tuned.

So, have you chosen your favorite trend – or are you going to follow them all?

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