Sunday, 16 June, 2019



Easter Delights

Let's face it, many people only know the "cuddly" Easter bunny and the long-awaited chocolate eggs that this bunny brings with each...

Intersex, how to identify and proceed?

Being intersexual is a natural variation in humans and is not a medical problem. It is also more common than most people...

How to end a relationship?

Now that #SEMFILTRO was in full alert!!! This time Torrego, Diana & Kelly, invite the ESTOTV CFO Arilton Freitas, to speak with...

Kahlo … Karl … timeless awareness

In this segment Torrego & Daniel talk about the famous Mexican Frida khalo in what would be his birthday of 101 years,...

Strengths and virtues

The work of "positive psychologists" like Martin Seligman seems to show that the happiest people are those who have discovered their unique...

Mirror Neurons

Talking about Mirror Neurons can be a little confusing, but it is so common in our lives to tell the truth, from...

Who or what is DOTTI?

Obviously Torrego was not going to live with the doubt that or who was DOTTI, brand that brings to the market the...

#ESTOTVTOURNEE Meeting 48 hours before travel

48 hours prior to the start of #ESTOTVTOURNEE Rubén Torrego & Diana Dahre come together to define the last details, many of...

What you do not like?

I may not like your opinion of a particular movie, I may not like the way you talk, I may not like the way...

In the race of life!

On this occasion, in the segment of ESTOTV, we are facing a young man with a career planned, designed, thought, timed with a final...


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