Tuesday, 18 February, 2020



For things to happen, you need to believe.

It's easy to imagine that for some people things are very easy and simple as if they were born for "that" or for everything!...

What the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel

The saying is most commonly said when there is a betrayal in the relationship, but it is also used in other situations, for example:...

A healthy smile

It has been almost two decades since our dear Rubén Torrego first arrived in Brazil and it was precisely Dentist Ronei Campos who started...

Does time heal?

We all know the phrases: "In time everything passes" and "Nothing like time" or "tomorrow will be another day". It even seems that these...

Oh Yeah! Glam

Do you like to use bold pieces that turn heads? Are you attracted to everything bright, sparkling and GLAM? We delve into the details...

A Brief History of Crossdressing

As societies developed, understanding our place in this structure, as well as everyone else's, became equally important. This is one of the...

Omission or Denial?

The #SemFilter in this episode now comes with a draw of popular sayings! Here, we talk about how true these popular sayings are. Torrego,...

From the evident to the conscious

As a good Queen enters, it is inevitable to look away from her, a beautiful woman, polite, refined in her walk and careful with...

The show has to go on!

Well when we have a multidisciplinary talent at first it gets a little tricky just to talk about one of his activities, so the...

At the exact moment, nothing is a coincidence!

Daiana & Roberta Arnold sisters and founders of Casulo Arquitetura, did not start their prolific career only because of the blood ties,...