Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Architectural e Design


Project from A to Z

It is not always known an architect who receives a blank check to make a project from A to Z so Torrego could not...

Taking the first step is always a conquest

When we talk about conquests, many people get the real credit for the work that is needed to make an idea come true, years...

Interior design vs Interior decoration

Torrego interviews the interior designer Débora Victoriano, in a delicate atmosphere full of shapes and textures, among which the bamboo luminaries designed by the...

How to choose the profession with the help of astrology

When I speak 'successful' I do not understand only the 'success' of the way capitalist society presents it. For me, to be successful, it...

How can astrology help me?

This time Torrego brings to the ESTOTV study one of the most recognized astrologists in Mexico Nancy Payton, how important our knowledge of our...

Action and reaction

"When our actions bring more than one result, they bring changes! We need to have awareness of our body as a whole. Paying attention to...

Animal prints, fabrics and concepts

In the world of decoration materials and finishes are increasingly bold, we have a range of options so abundant that it becomes confusing, that's...

T.O.C “Todo.Organizado.Corazón”

The reality is that there are two types of people who like order and those who do not, the difference is that often those...

T.O.C. “Tudo.Organizado.Coração”

A realidade é que existem dois tipos de pessoas as que gostam do ordem e as que não, a diferencia está em que muitas...

In a corner of conciliation with nature and the city

When we talk about urbanity and nature at the same time seems to be a more than complicated issue, it is even utopian to...


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