Thursday, 23 May, 2019



The little angel, the little devil and … you?

An angel on one shoulder, a little devil on the other ... The image is common in cartoons and comics since we were little....

Bacteria everywere

We have said here other times that the bacterium has a bad reputation, but in fact is not quite there. Some may, yes, bring...

Inside the human mind

We have a challenge to make: does anyone here venture to explain the human mind? Difficult this mission, is not it? Mind is something...

How to keep your hands free of bacteria

Did you know that the number of microbes in a dirty hand is greater than the number of people across the planet? Enough, is...

Daily masks

How many times have we heard or said "the masks will fall"? Well, that's the topic of the week in #einsights. Diane Dahre talks...


There are countless numbers of bacteria in the world. Some are good and important to our body. Others are responsible for diseases and epidemics....

Good scent

Do you know that smell of dog and cat that lives in the house of those who have these pets? The owners do not...

I am incredible?

To begin this conversation, we look for a few words in the dictionary. Incredible is defined as "that has extraordinary character, fabulous, fantastic, that...

Dog’s place

Whoever has a dog, you know: it takes dedication and a lot of patience to teach your friend to pee in the right place....

There are flowers everywhere.

46636. This is the number of plants with flowers recognized only in Brazil, according to the project "Flora of Brazil 2020". And that count...


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