Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

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For things to happen, you need to believe.

It's easy to imagine that for some people things are very easy and simple as if they were born for "that" or for everything!...

What the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel

The saying is most commonly said when there is a betrayal in the relationship, but it is also used in other situations, for example:...

A Brief History of Crossdressing

As societies developed, understanding our place in this structure, as well as everyone else's, became equally important. This is one of the...

Omission or Denial?

The #SemFilter in this episode now comes with a draw of popular sayings! Here, we talk about how true these popular sayings are. Torrego,...

From the evident to the conscious

As a good Queen enters, it is inevitable to look away from her, a beautiful woman, polite, refined in her walk and careful with...

The show has to go on!

Well when we have a multidisciplinary talent at first it gets a little tricky just to talk about one of his activities, so the...

I love you from the bottom of my chocolate

There is no better gift than a box of chocolates — especially when it's delivered right to your door.These are the best...

NEON Crush

The Eighties ... the Perestroika, Madonna, the first big productions of music videos like Thriller MJ, the baggi pants, the glasses of...

Easter Delights

Let's face it, many people only know the "cuddly" Easter bunny and the long-awaited chocolate eggs that this bunny brings with each...

How to end a relationship?

Now that #SEMFILTRO was in full alert!!! This time Torrego, Diana & Kelly, invite the ESTOTV CFO Arilton Freitas, to speak with...