Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

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Who or what is DOTTI?

Obviously Torrego was not going to live with the doubt that or who was DOTTI, brand that brings to the market the...

What you do not like?

I may not like your opinion of a particular movie, I may not like the way you talk, I may not like the way...

In the race of life!

On this occasion, in the segment of ESTOTV, we are facing a young man with a career planned, designed, thought, timed with a final...

No, it is not

You say no? The truth is most people do not say no. Whether it's fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, or not wanting to hurt, or...

What nobody speaks

In this edition of #SemFiltro, friends Torrego, Keli Savieto, Fabiana Bruno and Diana Dahre had a conversation without any filter, literally. They speak of...

Thank you ESTOTV Family

We are more than happy to be with you, the only thing to say is our sincere thanks! Now, in 2019, we will continue our...

Pink sky

There are four editions a year, always close to important retail dates, presenting to national and international buyers the novelties of about 160 exhibitors,...

Shine all the time

Accessories, pendants, embellishments, complements, finishing touch ... Call it what you want, the fact is that jewelry and jewelry make all the difference in...

Good stories, good laughs

A group of friends, delicious food, cold drink ... With a delicious combination of these, there's no mistake: it's fun right and guaranteed great...

Haute couture, high level taste

Let's talk about fashion, good taste, party and brightness? So let's talk about Haute Couture. The word, like the concept and everything that involves the...