In the daily walk of our life we are meeting people who will surely be part of our history for some reason or other but many times we are the ones that make those people simply pass through our life and be a sentence in our history and not several pages.
What do we really want?
Do we forget to say how much we love?
How much do we need or forget to value the small details?
We have as a daily challenge not simply to make new friends or to “have” a new relationship and put it in quotes because we must not forget that we really do not have anything, we do not own anybody and we do not belong to anybody, at least we do not like to leave to exist for us, each has a world an individuality a history and that is exactly what it is and makes us able to offer and bring to the relationship the diversity that needs to have sustainability and future, today the relationships are:
“Fast food, fast fuck, fast eats and goes…”
As simple as if it were “fast food” buy, enjoy, throw and NEXT.
During our life we will have many NEXT in everything but it is in our personal life that we would have to learn to cultivate lasting relationships, it is not easy not to be with someone when doing an incredible thing and we have no one to share, it is strange not to count the plans as if it were an open book waiting to be written or to find us after work to tell us how the work day was.
Being alone is wonderful but loneliness gets tired and many times even sick, yes we are born alone, yes we belong to nobody, yes we do not need anyone to be happy, our happiness depends on ourselves and that exactly what it does, relationship an incredible stage of life for which we have that opportunity to share that precisely that makes us happy, that which we generate and create just to be granted to the loved one … in the word that the answer yield to be in another we have to learn to give, love and be loved, respect to be respected, open hand even when it costs us much, just for love of love we are able to do different things, dance a music never heard, live in unknown countries learn new languages, shine in the dark if it is necessary only to illuminate the path of the one who fills us, today those words seem to be part of a song or a story … a myth of the which was in the past but no longer exists.
Let’s believe that life has much more… Far beyond what we imagine to offer us, much more than a… NEXT.

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