Red, Blue, Yellow… in the colour spectrum, everything has a beginning, is exactly how BIJOIAS takes us in this 85th edition “COLORS”.
Not to mention that this time as one of our episodes of the E-INSIGHTS, Diana Dahre, brought to the boiling point the so-called Mirror Neuron!, taking masterfully as a TV anchor to realize this complete coverage by herself, in the absence of our dear Rubén Torrego who was in other projects by the United States and Mexico.

Congratulations Diana Dahre & Torrego undoubtedly a “Dynamic Duo!” That always makes us want more and more… soon we will know what are the next projects they will bringing for all of us, for how much and without losing focus we have to say this “COLORS” edition left us with open mouth, #pooooooramooordeus!
Each edition all the exhibitors get more and more competitive, challenging their own rules, evolving each and every one of the presented designs, unique pieces, more and more daring, modern, elegant and closer to being called jewels, leaving behind the pseudonym “bijoux” Acquired by the simple fact that initially madding with a non-noble materials were used with stones considered “worthless” because they were not cut or worked like the precious stones, let’s face it, if we remember that a piece of worked carbon was turned into a diamond, considered one of the most coveted stones in the world, I believe that our dear Vera had this concept well in mind when she named the fair “BIJOIAS”… Doubly jewelry, since it is necessary to be very creative and to work with a lot of quality to compete in this market more and more daring and luxurious.

We all know that this fair is designed exclusively for all those who are traders and/or resellers, one of the attractions begins precisely with this condition of entry to the fair, the prices are also more than attractive and seductive, it is not difficult to see the visitors arrive with a suitcase and go out with two or three, full of “B-JOIAS” [this will be our new way to refer to costume jewelry], we will have to talk to Vera how amazing it would be to invite a luggage company to have some very nice and spacious suitcases for sale to all the visitors, so everyone will go super nice and with many B-JOIAS!!.

The elements which inspire this edition was the nature itself, now super mega in vogue throughout the world, flowers, leaves, sand, river stones, just to mention some of the most wanted elements, but what is really attractive and seductive, is when we find these elements in leaves of gold, natural stones specially cut to give this fusion between the paradox of reality and fantasy.

Speaking of nature in B-JOIAS is more than obvious the also classic “animal print” no doubt every day strengthens over and over, initially using an original skin was considered social status, today make use of imitations (each day closer the originals) is to honoured the animals and nature, to be able to “clone” the forms, colours, textures is indeed the biggest challenge of the fashion designers and industry, in general everyone has adopted, today the status is RESPECT the nature, helping it to continue alive!

VERAAAAAAA we are all in the expectation of what it comes up the next 86th edition, believe us we are really anxious !!!!

We will follow closely your steps and your trips around the world, that each of your adventures around the world you always come back with news, which makes crazy to all the fashionistas of the whole world!

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