When I speak ‘successful’ I do not understand only the ‘success’ of the way capitalist society presents it. For me, to be successful, it is first and foremost a matter of inner satisfaction, of well-being that comes mainly from being doing the right thing for us. This does not mean that we can not do more than one thing, or even change our profession throughout our lives. Many are born with multiple talents that, many times, do not become fully developed. And we can choose a profession to earn a living and use another talent as a hobby.

It is very difficult for a teenager to ‘know’ exactly what he wants to be when he is an adult. That phrase “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It can be difficult to answer. In the age group that goes from 14 to 21 years, the human being goes through a structural change of his personality: the infant phase is gone and the adult phase begins. In this phase of superposition, when the person passes from the ‘Lunar Phase’ to the ‘Solar Phase’, finding oneself within the innumerable attractions that society presents can be really very problematic. This or that profession is indicated by the media as the most lucrative, the most sought after, but if we do not have talent for it? Will not we have the chance to succeed?

It is at this point that Astrology intervenes, and with Vocational Analysis can help the person to choose. The analysis is quick and accurate, as seen in the example cited. A synthesis of the personality of the person is presented, and the luminaries (Sun and Moon), the Ascendant, the Houses II, VI and X, the distribution of the signs in the houses, according to the triplicity and quadruple, are analyzed. planetary aspects with the significant planets of the profession, always taking into account the astrological traditions.

This analysis will serve as guidance for the school, for the parents and for the person concerned. Discovering your talents and the possibilities you have to be successful in what you undertake in life, you will be a more integrated and happier being.

1) The Solar sign, which indicates the capacities and latent possibilities where the person has more possibilities to reveal himself and to find an identification with the work.

2) The Ascendant sign, or House I, that indicates the tastes and the hereditary and physical tendencies that can be quite important at the moment of choosing a profession.

3) The Governor of the Theme, or the Planet that makes conjunction with the ASC or the Sun.

4) The Middle of the Sky (MC), or House X, which determines the area where the person has more possibilities to project in society and therefore to be successful.

5) House VI, which indicates the daily routine, that is, the work necessary to perform its function well. Indicates obligations and subordinate work.

6) The predominant elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

7) The planets below or above the horizon line.

In general, it is assigned:
In the sun, glory and success;
To the Moon, popularity;
To Mars, the action and the energy;
Jupiter, luck and favors.

Most of the planets above the horizon line, or eastern, in signs of action or luck, and that the Sun is in good aspect with the Moon, Mars or Jupiter, there is a promise of active and lucrative occupation.
Conversely, when most planets are below the horizon or western, that passive signs dominate, especially mutable signs, and that the Sun is afflicted to the Moon, Mars or Jupiter, the person will have less luck in his work and will hardly achieve success.

The cardinal signs: indicate active occupations, initiative and command and the person would need to work on their own.
The fixed signs: indicate the capacity for organization, control and command, positions of trust and administration and associations.
Mutan signs: indicate the works of assimilation, collaboration and subaltern or intermediary works.

In the same way we can see that:

The signs of Fire: indicate occupations related to fire and metals, mechanical industry, hazardous occupations and dangerous.

The signs of Earth: indicate occupations in relation to the Earth, with the plantation, and all the products made to nourish, clothe and shelter the human body. Ex: agriculture, construction, food, clothing.

The signs of air: indicate occupations where the intellect is the main factor. For example: Literature, communication, art, research, science, travel, etc.

The signs of Water: indicate occupations having a relationship with the liquid element and occupations related to the sea. For example: Sailors, restaurants, manufacture and sale of liquids, and also nursing occupations.

To judge the profession you not only need to judge the zodiacal signs occupied by the Sun, MC and ASC, but also the aspects between these factors, and also between House II (of money) to VI (of the daily routine) and X ( of career and success).

Thus, according to the planets we can observe that:

SOL: High jobs, management positions, honorable and successful situations, all lucrative jobs related to gold. Eg: Kings, presidents, state ministers, and also jewelers.

LUA: Public employment or related to domestic life. The small public utility trade. The occupations that are related to the liquid. The constant change of employment. Ex: bakeries, bars, servers, waiters, sailors, midwives, nurses, hotel staff.

MERCURY: Intellectual, commercial or literary occupations. Ex: Writers, office employees, trade representatives, travelers, lawyers, lecturers, professors, secretaries.

VENUS: The artistic occupations, pleasant and easy, linked to art and pleasure. For example: Singing, theater artists, luxury trade, fashion, decoration, beauty articles, fun in general.

MARTE: Occupations of activity and danger, violent and noisy occupations, linked to industry, to tools, to weapons, to instruments of work linked to iron and steel, or to fire. Ex: mechanics, soldiers, surgeons, engineers, dentists, metalworkers, foundry, butchers.

JUPITER: Liberal professions, jobs related to law, religion, philosophies, wholesale trade, import / export, financial jobs, missions and embassies. Eg: judges, high religious offices, ambassadors, philosophers, importers.

SATURN: Professions that need a lot of work and dedication, prudence and perseverance. Works related to land, construction, mines, bureaucratic work. For example: agriculture, gardeners, miners, politicians, plumbers, builders, guardians.

URANUS: The professions that depend on advanced ideas related to progress, social and trade union movements, cooperatives, and large administrations. All new and experimental sciences. For example: electrician, electronics, aviation, astrology, magnetism, occultism and also antiquarian (for the originality of the pieces sought).

NETUNO: Occupations in relation to the liquid, psychic, and occult element. The mysterious occupations that depend on great ideas, intuition and inspiration. For example, artists, scientists, musicians and composers, geniuses, mediums and fortune-tellers, mystics and religious in general. They can also be related to drinking, smoking and drugs.

PLUTO: The occupations related to the hidden element, death and power. Great strategists, dictators, Alentejo, cocereros and psychiatrists, as well as forensic doctors.

Signs and professions:

ÁRIES: Police, military, metallurgist, mechanic, sportsmen, doctor and surgeon. The positions that require action and energy, initiative, leadership and fighting spirit.

TOURO: Construction, administration, artists, painters, singers, farmers, food trade, jobs related to finance, banks or stock exchange. Charges that require prudence, perseverance, foresight and industriousness, persistence and prosperity.

TWINS: Writers, journalists, communicators, teachers, actors, designers, secretaries, advertising and booksellers. Also merchants and trade representatives. The activities that require communication, skill and ingenuity, versatility and adaptation.

CANCER: Public positions, subaltern advisers, partners, transport, storage, manufacture and marketing of furniture or household utensils, bankers. The charges that are linked to the home, the public, or the conservation of things.

LEO: Leadership, command, government, goldsmiths, jewelers, stock exchange, politicians, all the prominent places. Places of honor and distinction in large organizations. Artists and theater directors. Educators or animators.

VIRGIN: Subaltern positions, retail, accounting, instructors, secretaries, librarians, writers, designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratories and researchers, chemists and chefs. Mathematicians, psychologists and system analysts. All charges that require analysis and method.

LIBRA: Diplomacy, arts, decoration, hairdressers, mannequins, seamstresses, architects, industry and trade of luxury items, ornaments and cosmetics. Charges that require refinement, balance, conciliation, equanimity and conciliation. Occupations related to justice. Refined intellectual works.

SCORPION: Surgeons, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, military and police. Detectives, jailers, industrialists, prosecutors, hooligans, prision guard, forensic doctors. Politicians. Positions that require strategy, depth and tenacity. Scientific works that require deep research. Dangerous jobs

SAGITTARIUS: Magistrates, judges, administrators and high officials, explorers, priests, pastors, lawyers, professors, academics, philosophers. Foreign trade, travel agencies. Mainly liberal professions that favor easy and ostensible profits. Occupations in casinos or in places of gambling. Sports players like bicycle or motorcycle riders, soccer, collective games.

CAPRICORN: Political and administrative career. Ambition to arrive in the highest positions. Administrative positions, diplomats, engineers, mathematicians, miners, mountaineers, builders. Positions that require method, reserve, honesty, patience and self-control. Occupations in relation to mines, lands, properties.

AQUARIUS: Scientists, inventors, astrologers, metaphysicians, jobs linked to computers, electricity, radio operators, radio operators. I work with TV and radio (which depend on antennas). Unions, NGOs, humanitarian assistance. Charges that require insight, intuition, intellectual activity, originality, audacity and boldness. Professions related to dance and rhythm, and to reeducation.

PISCES: Doctors, nurses, homeopaths, occultists, mystics, religious. Sailors, liquids and drinks trade. Professions linked to restaurants, nightclubs and night spots. Sale of drugs and tobacco. Charges that require compassion, self-denial and generosity. Professions linked to faith and religion. Mafia. People linked to hospitals, asylums and hospices.

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