If you need to clean a part of a stuffed animal – or wash a teddy bear or a whole stuffed animal – the important thing is to remember to be gentle and not to damage the fabric! Always read the label and use a laundry detergent such as small amount or liquid soap for colored clothing to protect your stuffed animal.

Key steps:
• Check the care label on washing your child’s stuffed toy to see the washing guidelines.
• Avoid hot washes as this could damage the stuffed animal’s fabric.
• It is better to let it dry naturally, especially if it is a dry, warm day. Lay them out or in a ventilated area with a little sun!

There are so many ways in which your child’s favorite toy can become a hotbed of disease and bacteria: babies and toddlers love to suck on soft ears and hands; some of the stuffed animals often end up with legs finished in plastic; If your son or daughter has fallen ill, your precious stuffed animal should be cleaned of germs. But the dolls most loved those who play more are those who have to be more careful when washing, also do it more often.

How to clean the fabric of the stuffed toy:

Sometimes all you need to do is clean only the plush fabric area, the best way to do it is:
1. First, read the care label to find any cleaning advice.
2. If the care label indicates that the stain cleaning is good, lightly moisten the stained area. You must not soak it!
3. Apply a small amount of liquid detergent in a liter of water, shake it with your hands to form foam, it is precisely with that foam and a microfiber cloth, that we will clean the stuffed fabric. Remember to read the product label first and try a small area of your stuffed animal first before cleaning it all.
4. Apply the stain gently.
5. Rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth. You can also rinse the area with running water, but be careful not to let the toy become too saturated.
6. Allow the clean stuffed toy to air dry.
In general, the faster you can wash your child’s favorite toy, the better.

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