Once again, Dr. Clean surprises us with his wonderful tips that make our lives so much easier … What a wonderful and delicious way to clean a blender! If you often avoid using your blender for soups, purees, or baby food, because you hate to disassemble the blender and clean every inch of the jar.

Well, this cleaning method of a few seconds means a much quicker and easier cleaning after the production of smoothie, soup, or baby food.

Torrego & Dr. Clean, did a test to see the results – let us show you!

This method of blender cleaning is super easy – have you tried it? You only need hot water, some dishwashing detergent, vinegar and a few seconds. If the blender has stains or is very dirty, you can also add a drop of bleach.

One final note: this quick and easy method does not replace the occasional deep cleaning of your blender.

*** We clean quickly after the basic tasks, but we still have to separate all the pieces from time to time and clean the blades and remove the crumbs trapped in the rubber ring.

What you will need !:


Hot water

Dish soap (liquid detergent)


A dirty blender


1. Pour the water into the blender: Fill the blender jar halfway with hot water, it may be from a teapot or directly from the faucet.
2. Add the active ingredients: a spoonful of detergent and a spoonful of vinegar.
3. Place the blender jar back on the base and hold the lid with a towel. Connect the blender and let it run for at least 30 seconds.
4. Thoroughly rinse the blender with more hot water. Ready! You have a perfectly clean blender, no smoothies left over, no soup, no baby food, or leftover food stuck in your blender waiting to be cleaned

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