Sometimes, when a couple is going through a difficult time and finds it difficult to leave each other, they both decide to take a break from the relationship. An interval of all the responsibilities of the relationship, an interval of all fights and arguments, an interval of commitment, an interval of the feeling that they need to take care of their partner.

Pausing in a relationship does not necessarily mean separation. But in many cases, it ends in a breakup, as one of the partners realizes that it is not worth saving the relationship.

When you take a break, you’re putting your relationship to the ultimate test. You are trying to see what life would be like without your partner and without the relationship.

If you and your partner can’t stop fighting over a certain topic and it seems like the argument never ends, it may be a good idea to take a break, staying away from each other can help you understand their perspective and find out if it’s compatible with you. It is not the same as taking a break after a big fight. If you want to take a break because of the fight, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Make sure it is because you are really concerned about the fights and disagreements and want to reach a reasonable conclusion, setting aside some space and time.

Let’s talk a little more about this, Rubén Torrego asked several questions that undoubtedly Diana Dahre commented that as a psychoanalyst she sees in therapies that it doesn’t always work, generally one or both do not understand why, what a fact has to be placing some rules for later this period does not become a challenge anymore in the relationship, which can be done during a stand by period.

Set a reasonable deadline

Six months is a break, not a break, experts say. Anything from a week to a month should have enough time for one or both parties to determine whether to stay together.

Cut off communication

A break is just that. “You both need space, period. You cannot stay in contact and continue check-in. “

This is a time to reflect and find out if you want that other person in your life and to determine whether or not he is contributing to your happiness, it is difficult to do that when the person asking these questions is still around – not to mention that it completely misses the break point.

To date or not to date?

In a nutshell: no. Agreeing to see other people creates a potential minefield of conflict, jealousy and insecurity, during the break and at any subsequent meeting. Furthermore, this is not what this is about, this is the time to reflect on your own relationship. If you are interested in dating other people, perhaps the real message is that the person you are with is not the person you want, who is bringing another person or people, in the mix will only confuse things more.

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