For it is more than once that we avoid asking this question for fear of realizing that we are really surviving and not living the life we want and want. Why should it be so complicated to do what makes us happy and live economically well?

“When was the last time you slept smiling after a day’s work? When was the last time you spent quality time with your children? Is your professional life so stressful that you cannot even be satisfied with it? Career or dedicate yourself to your family? ”

With these questions began that will of Torrego & Diana Daher talk to the Business Coach and writer of the book “It is Possible”
Freddy Machado Currently CEO of F2A Consulting, Freddy had a very different life to his current life, he worked from a very young age in a family business in which he became the COO of the company that at the time was considered as the eighth largest in the construction area and industrial assembly in Brazil, was in 2013 during a course at Harvard Business School, suffered angina, an episode that led him to change his life. He left the family business and began to dedicate himself to consulting and lecturing in Brazil and the United States.

Life can change from day to day whenever we are ready for this change, no, we do not have to wait for a disease, tragedy or causal episode to happen in our lives, just pay attention to our current life in those small details that make a difference day by day, the reality is that the professional and personal success in our life arrives the moment we conquer and we manage to balance our life with what we want and what we do, simple and simple, in theory, Can reality really be that simple too?

During this interesting chat with Freddy as well as part of his story, he presents us with some tips, questions we have and answers that we have to analyze to discover the true path of our life, how to turn difficulties into strengths to conquer the main goal of our life, BE HAPPY.

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