To obtain a position as head of the right to be recognized as a leader by position. Because some employees may think that some people can also become a follower than a leader, a leader again. It is the difference between a leader and a leader.
1. View your work without assistance.
The difference between the leader and the boss was the first leader to present and guide on how to work with his previous attributions. Or training during work time. Unlike the bosses of many indifferent people. Even the malfunction of the followers was not an introduction or warning. The boss and a good leader should guide the teaching and advice of subordinates during the work. Instead of blaming when the work is finished.
2. Reports for the executive.
As the leader of the easiest is to observe, disclose the problem or the fact of working. The officers will report what is really a problem for the administrators to recognize false. Collaboration solution AND overcome the obstacles associated with each other. But the head is present only in an executive may want to hear only obscure errors due to the fear of being guilty himself. Good leaders have confidence in their own potential. And brave enough to admit mistakes and report what happens after the fact.
3. The information in general.
Good leaders changed the rules on procedure penalties, prohibition or alteration of anything that was happening in the department or organization. You need to communicate and inform employees, including the employees involved, to know what will happen. Along with the report, so that all persons and all parties involved are understood before the game. What is opposed to the head of someone who did not even notice that. The plan includes rules that keep them in mind. The concept is a modern language that the new rule without anyone knowing about that. Know more when you are informed that they should be guilty and punish you.
4. He is not forced to hear subordinates.
I feel that the leaders meeting. It was an awkward and useless waste of time is that it is not working. Some employees, even if no one is invited to participate in a meeting, what I think is a waste of time. The leader of the meeting. Each meeting will have to wait for this approach and the work plan. To prepare questions that need advice from this meeting. I knew I wanted to hear the different sands. Some began to create boredom with their mouth ever since.
5. Do not worry about little
Leaders are not demanding when it comes to detailed management of a small commandment. But concentrate on the general image of work to achieve success. By allowing employees to manage without changing the ball a bit to intervene. Including no flagrant failure in the workflow of a holder. Remember that if you do not waste your time getting there. Or also concentrate on a little. You do not have to see the work in the general framework, to be successful.
5 That’s just part of the difference between the boss and the leader. Many people say they want a leader and not the head. But if you want to leave it for the chief reader. Or one day you have the opportunity to be captain. Be a leader and a great leader. The title alone is not a guarantee of its performance.

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