As a good Queen enters, it is inevitable to look away from her, a beautiful woman, polite, refined in her walk and careful with her words and comments, getting to this point in life was not just like opening a box of cereal and ready won the Queen award … especially when you’re a woman born in the “wrong” body, 33-year-old transsexual Rafaela Manfrini, makeup artist by profession and Miss Trans Star 2016.

That’s how fast you can simplify the story of a lifetime, isn’t it?

Reality is quite different from fantasy, even when it recognizes itself as “trans” (trans:

Abbreviation of the word transgender, also transgender / transgender, “Trans” is shorter and more informal than “transgender”, a trans person is someone whose sex is not what was assigned to her at birth.) From the age of 5, comments to Rubén Torrego during this exclusive interview, “I started my transition at 23 years old” after she said that she recognizes herself as a trans child, we are sure that the transition was gradual throughout her life, taking action at an age. adulthood, we believe is the best decision a trans can make today with so much information on the internet and a near-revealing gender revolution against the system, culture and society, even has adults, parents, family, friends to identify the stance between reality and modality the line is very thin, when it comes to a trans child the signs are very punctual and fighting it would be as much as “castrating” the identity that is why we have a real concern with social and cultural prejudice, for lack of knowledge the most appropriate would be that child or not a trans human being would have to be accompanied by a psychologist accompanying this transition of gender at all times given at birth to your own true gender.

Rafaela was fortunate to come from a solidly based family, which was following this transition all the time so Rafaela made that decision at 23, in 2012 she entered her first Miss T Brazil beauty pageant and took third place after her exemplary participation she was very fond of the contest organizer Majorie March who in 2014 nominated her to participate in the Miss International Queen in Thailand, this experience brought to her life not only amazing moments, it was also an essential part for her to mature and knowledge to be prepared for what would be the most memorable moment in her life, so she returned to Brazil Majorie nominates Rafaela to participate in Trans Star International in 2016, it was precisely at this event in Barcelona Spain where she was crowned Queen only four years after her first appearance in a beauty pageant she can be crowned first internationally 1, right there that no doubt we can say that she was born to triumph and her achievements and triumphs did not stop there our Queen today have her castle and her King, in 2018 as in a fairy tale she married, had as every Princess a This unique, magical celebration was engraved in the memory of each and every guest, but the most important place where this moment marked the beginning of a new life story is precisely in the heart and mind of our Queen Rafaela Manfrini de Oliveira.

Rafaela continues to be an example figure within the beauty pageants and is constantly invited to share the scenery or even the juris table in the most important pageants in Brazil and worldwide.

We are sure that we will continue to see many successes in Rafaela Manfrini’s career as well as in her life, destined to shine, we are sure that this interview will open and demystify many myths, realities and prejudices, for many it will be an open book that will help to have even more respect. by the human being, recognizing the whole LGBT community (The term LGBT is the most used, representing: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transsexuals.) But just as each day we have more knowledge and awareness of respect and differences to this nomenclature. more letters, initially the first one added was Q (Queers), but the community is so big and each one deserves, wants and has its place so today that nomenclature is LGBTTTQQIAAP, how many more letters will be added? We do not know what we are sure is that human rights are equal for everyone, and any kind of repression, prejudice or racism for different sexual or gender preference will be punished the LGBTQ + community each day is stronger and respected more and more. more countries.

For those who wish we leave here the meaning of each of the letters of the current nomenclature LGBTTTQQIAAP:

Lesbian: Women who feel romantic or sexual attraction to other women.

Gay: Men who feel romantic or sexual attraction to men. The term can also be used for homosexual women.

Bisexual: People who are attracted (affective or sexual) to both sexes.

Transgender: People who do not identify with their biological sex and are in transit between genders.

Transsexual: These are people who identify with a different gender than their birth. For example, a person who was born a man but identifies himself as a woman is a transgender woman.

2 / Two-Spirit: Used by Native Americans to represent people who believe they were born with male and female spirits within them.

Queer: It can be considered an umbrella term, encompassing sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual or cisgender.

Questioning: People who have not yet found their gender or sexual orientation – are in the process of questioning, still uncertain about their identity.

Intersex: It is a variation of sexual characteristics that include chromosomes or genitals that do not allow the person to be distinctly identified as male or female.

Asexual: It is the lack of sexual attraction, or lack of interest in sexual activities – it can be considered the “lack” of sexual orientation.

Ally: These are people who consider themselves partners in the LGBTQ + community.

Pansexual: It is the sexual or romantic attraction to any gender or gender identity.

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