As if it were the day of the bride, she prepares step by step “La Catrina” prepares herself to continue the eternal dance, the eternal ritual of elegance and glamor, so the flesh is consumed, the skull becomes the figure eternal, same that on the other side is this same that adorns, ennobles and celebrates in the cemeteries of life after life, where this stage of “life” becomes an eternal party, in which courtship is part of the daily ritual, and it is precisely at this moment that the Catrín dresses his best, elegant and charming tuxedos, with his finest hats, in most of the occasions the Catrín brings in his gala clothes a certain ironic side and Humorous that undoubtedly is present in their clothing as a whole.
The Catrina dresses with huge dress and gala dresses that show her eternal figure, dressed always wearing an elegant hat that was used as a hallmark of high society at the beginning of the twentieth century, La Catrina has a function of “Memento Mori” destined to remember that social differences mean nothing in the face of death. In these hats they bring beautiful decorative ornaments, in the great majority always adorned with the most aromatic flowers, remembering and bringing to mind the most dazzling aromas, referring us to moments with our loved ones those who have already passed us on the path of life and they left for eternity, La Catrina has a Catholic representation within Mexican popular culture.
It is the representation of a skeleton of a lady of high society, one of the most beloved and popular figures and characters of the Day of the Dead party in Mexico and the world, is ready for its biggest dance and party ritual, making gala of its eternal and tiny waist, which in life was desired and death eternalized, between silky and beautiful gloves, elegant and huge smiles that make clear its enormous femininity and glamor. La Catrina is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all phases of a woman’s life, where celebrations, parties and tequila added to the most exquisite, delicious and fine dinners make gala evening, and it is at night when death returns life and life becomes death… The day only exists to rest and take care of beauty so that the next night shines spectacularly again.
La Catrina de los toletes … The word Catrina is the feminine variant of the word Catrín, which means dandy in Spanish, they are known all over the world in the celebration of the day of the dead in Mexico, bringing the Mexican culture, eternalized by decades in works of art the art of renowned artists, such as Diego Rivera and José Guadalupe Posada who was the forerunner of this tradition, being the most famous Mexican engraver and caricaturist, for his drawings and engravings on death, a passionate about humorous caricature politics, consolidated this tradition by its own interpretations of everyday life and attitudes of the Mexican people, making these skeletons act like ordinary people, where this elegant and bony woman despised and shook the most important political and social figures of Mexico and the world.
In this article the Visual Artist and leader presenter of ESOTV Torrego, makes an spectacular makeup of Catrina and shows the step by step of this creation, in the face of the beautiful Brazilian actress Alcione Weizmann, who in the lens of the talented Brazilian photographer Donizeti Candido It is simply majestic, mystical, eternalized and beautiful to die.

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