This time Torrego brings to the ESTOTV study one of the most recognized astrologists in Mexico Nancy Payton, how important our knowledge of our astral chart can be for our lives, what it is for and how we can take advantage of all the positive and negative aspects of our . birth during our life.

You had the idea that Astrology can help you know when it is time to invest in a property, reform or even get married and if the person chosen is astrologically the most compatible for you and if not how could we use the strengths of our relationship and how we can understand and overcome the weak points, we are going to enter a mystical world and unknown to many but who did not take the newspaper or once entered the internet only to know what your zodiac sign has to tell you!

The fundamental role of Astrology is the possibility of understanding the personality of the person and the therapeutic role that understanding can play in his life. This, because self-knowledge can lead to the solution of problems and the ease of overcoming obstacles.

Astrology can help to modify behaviors since it gives us the knowledge of the potentialities and the psychological characteristics necessary for these modifications.

More than that, Astrology can help us develop capacities that may not be conscious enough to be worked on. It can help us find the means to develop self-esteem, in the same way that it can help us find the means to restrain a more sanguine or obstinate temperament, to the point of giving us indications of the most favorable periods to proceed to those alterations.

It can also help us find the most marked trends in vocations, particularly in the professional field.
In addition, it can still help us understand the reasons for the difficulties of a certain affective relationship. It can even give us useful indications about the tendency to develop or contract certain health problems.

The help that Astrology grants us can be such as to lead us to discover qualities that can make our life fuller, more productive and more full of purpose.

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