We are with Lu and Fabio Gaspar, the creators of a company with a unique language, since they are the ones who create each piece, always thinking about the needs of each of their customers, as well as the market, LU EMBALGENS are manufacturers, they are the engineers who realize the ideas and dreams of their clients, mainly jewelry and semi-jewelry merchants, initially they worked only in the wholesale market, today they have a personalized service and they have been growing more and more innovating in the market with proposals that Now they lead decorators, architects and interior designers who are surprised with the impressive proposals.

Who does not have a drawer full of different items for daily use, but in total disorganization for not having a special drawer for the care and easy administration of spaces and the care of these accessories so appreciated by each of us, well LU EMBALAGENS now arrive with a more than attractive proposal to serve both residential and hotel and corporate use, personalizing the drawers, just to give an example, to put the most used watches, glasses or bracelets, imagine a two-story drawer for Having everything well organized and always at hand, we were so excited about this project that they made a special case / drawer for us to put glasses and watches, in a space that was not used correctly or to the fullest, now in ESTOTV studios We have a VIP space just to keep our belongings with the care and organization that a television studio needs for the macerate accessories for continuous use, of course we want more now!

We are sure that each of you will also want to not only have a drawer, but the entire custom wardrobe, and there is more, we guarantee that it is possible to customize everything, even what you cannot imagine, LU EMBALAGENS has the solution for each of our needs.

Precisely because of this differentiated service that the owners themselves provide to each of their clients, is that they have already won the trust of hundreds of merchants, jewelers and semi-jewelers throughout Brazil, thanks to all those years of commitment, quality and delivery fast, surpassing each project with each proposal, providing with the greatest care the best of themselves to meet the needs of each and every one of those who are already faithful buyers, as well as those who arrive for the first time with a project to realize, we are sure that no matter the size of your project or the challenge you have, in LU EMBALAGENS you will find the solution to all your ideas and proposals, get in touch directly with them and do today what you have always wanted to do and for some reason or another until today you had not done it, we here at ESTOTV are big fans of this couple of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and always willing to do everything possible To make ideas come true.

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