In the first episode of E-CLICK our expert Paula Lopes teaches us in a dynamic and fun way how to differentiate between the different cameras we have and had in the market but most importantly what are the differences, what are each one of them and the best one? that’s what we need depending on our goal (literally).

So we give the starting flag for this new E-CLICK series that will be weekly feeding us knowledge good times and helping us make our clicks the best clicks in our history, come the questions that knowledge is here at ESTOTV, We don’t always have this opportunity to learn without having to leave home!

In this E-CLICK photography series, Paula Lopes will teach, with simple and practical examples, the use of basic camera controls such as shutter, diaphragm, ASA, white balance etc. We will learn to master our DSLR camera for example and thus take higher quality pictures, improving each and every shot. We will learn the difference between different types of lenses and their use under different circumstances. We will understand the use of key digital formats to handle them more easily, we will be able to understand the basics of digital file development Paula will teach us the use of some simple tricks that professionals use to take amazing photos at all times regardless of the circumstances.

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