Touring in one of the busiest streets of São Paulo, Claudia & Torrego find a multifunctional store…
What would that store concept offer?
Well, simple like that, it’s a space where everything is for sale and when we say everything is everything! all the accessories, furniture, clothes, awnings or shoes that are worth mentioning are the exclusive design of Ana Paula Belik, one of the founders of the “Sneak Peek” project / store in this space, as well as finding the most reputable clothes that you will find not only a new clothes, we are sure that you will find more than one item that you will undoubtedly want to take home, Ana comments that Sneak peek likes neutral colors and not the same vibrant colors that come or not as a trend, since for they are exactly that, the vibrant colors for them are just a trend, they will go out of fashion, however the neutral colors are here to stay and here neutral colors are always used, with different proposals, as well as the store itself, the shoes are modern, stylish, and let see the style so particular and current.
If you walk down the street João Cachoeira in which the store is located, we are sure that you will not even imagine what you will find inside this store, which offers a wide, modern, eclectic and differentiated space, worth It is very worthwhile to come and visit the store that we are sure you will love.



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