To celebrate we want to do it in a very special way, we are looking for a new face to give the message of Thanks to everyone inside our channel on IG TV and obviously presenting it to the whole world within our channel ESTOTV yes that’s it you can be the new face of ESTOTV, which has to make only two videos one vertically for our IGTV and one horizontally to be chosen for our channel !!!! You can send a Congratulations on the anniversary or a message to the channel, plus a video that shows why you deserve to be the face of ESTOTV
Send the video via DM in the IG, Inbox on Facebook or email:
Attach a letter signed by you authorizing to use the video sent to make the final video for IGTV and for ESTOTV WebTV Channel.
*** Without this authorization we will not be able to use your video so do not forget to attach the letter of authorization of use of image!

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