In a relaxed chit chat, full of good humor and lots of information, Torrego & Dr. Bacteria talk about some of the bacteria that most affect our health and our daily life, this story was so incredible and full of mega interesting subjects, so much that the matter was divided into two parts, this being the second of them! Do you want to know what is the surprise that ESTOTV Torrego & Bacteria have for everyone? Check the matter down until the end and we are sure you all will love it!!!! Biomedical and consultant Roberto Martins Figueiredo, better known as Dr. Bactéria is one of the leading Brazilian public health authorities and one of the leading specialists in food hygiene, with the main objective of disseminating, clarifying and demystifying technical knowledge about the importance of hygiene.

Discovering simple solutions and getting to know the bacteria, we often do not even know where and how much bacteria we have in the most common things that we have at home, and not only that, what are these things that can most contains bacterial accumulated. Dr. Bacteria introduces us through some “nice” stuffed animals, some of the most common bacteria, such as mites present on pillows, stuffed animals, mattresses, cushions, sofas #pooooooramooordedeus we have mites everywhere at home !!! Some of these bacteria can even be very dangerous and transmit diseases or serious infections.

The colds so common in climate changes, come from a bacterium that spreads so easily that we do not even notice, give our hands to people, with the flu or the cold can be one of the main reasons why we can contract this bacteria and stay sick, take a look at the tip that Dr. Bacteria gives us in how to prevent the spread of the disease.

The common diarrhea comes precisely from a bacteria that is found in all poorly washed foods, among the main places, fruits, vegetables and raw vegetables, and what about that much-loved egg? Well, it may be accompanied by the famous salmonella, #teeenhomeeeeeedo, because they are directly accompanying the eggs, which in general is a regular diary food that we could consume every day, in the past salmonella was only in the shell of the egg, but now it has been found that it is already inside the egg, which is why the FDA prohibits the consumption of raw eggs or that delicious yolk.

In the content of this matter, which besides being fun, you take the doubts and hear many truths and you can see that Dr. Bactéria and Torrego get together very well, inform, have fun and are a real dynamite together !!! Most or the vast majority of the population knows the most common bacteria, but we still have a lot to learn and to know and for this reason ESTOTV invited Dr. Bactéria to have a segment together with Torrego, giving tips and teaching how to prevent diseases, hygiene concepts, tips where are the main places and where else are them and how to keep an eye, care and much more !!! So as of this moment, beyond that Dr. Bactéria & Torrego are coming with everything for the ESTOHEALTH segment.

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