In the words of Ana Lu Barcellos… “I prepare them in advance with tips and guidelines so that everything goes well, because during my experience living behind the sc
enes, I witnessed many things that can be avoided, I receive them, I manage the schedules, professionals, photographers, set design of the room, catering, toast, dress exchange ritual, direction to the photos and I finish with your accommodation in the transport “.

The term “The Bride’s Enchantress” was given by the bride herself which makes her very happy!

In addition to taking care of them she performs:
• Advice for Brides on the Day of the Bride.
• “Enthusiastic Attitudes” Training for Event Professionals on Excellence in Attendance and Specialization in Ceremonial Training and Bride Day Advisors.
• Meeting with Brides “Luxury Day” preparing them for your Day
• “Enchanting Attitudes” Training for Beauty Salon Professionals on Excellence in Attendance, Sales, and Interpersonal Relationships.
• Implementation of the Day of the Bride in Beauty Salons
• Event Presenter, Bridal Parade, etc.

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