When the video began the ESTOTV team met the Brazilians Catalina and Fabio it is always good to meet new people and especially if they speak a language known hahahaha.

Taking a short walk through the city, Torrego came to the conclusion that the houses look like little little chocolate houses. How strange … the Torrego already thinking of chocolate!!

The first restaurant visited was Adam & Siam, where the neon lights give a very unique vibe to the place, which makes it even more attractive and interesting to enter and live the experience taste the food and enjoy the ambiance.

The city of Amsterdam has a lot of bicycles parking lots around every station or community, in general it’s incredible how much they use them as means of transport. At the subway station you can enjoy some classical music played by travelers in general through the piano for free use. The city of Amsterdam is well known not only for the beautiful canals they have to visit the city, but also for its great and beautiful cultural diversity, it is surrounded by treasures and curiosities like the house of several floors that by incredible that seems measures approximately 90cm width!!! WOW !, another example is “Café”, which can not be confused with ordinary cafes to eat cake and drink coffee (obviously), because in Amsterdam this type of “Café” becomes one of the attractions of thousands of tourists and curious who will precisely know them, often only for the curiosity to live the experience since the use of marijuana is allowed as well as hashish.

Amsterdam is a very lively city, with flowers everywhere regardless of the time of year, the tulips of different colors are an undoubtedly mega Dutch attraction, the people are very friendly with a spirit of service and unparalleled kindness no matter the moment we are sure you will find someone to chat with or clarify a doubt is an open and tolerant city without prejudice or labels of gender or ethnicity. It has about 820,500 inhabitants.

The museums are a must see in Amsterdam such as the treasures of the Rijksmuseum which is known to house some of the baroque paintings of great Dutch painters masters and also for having the famous large letters of Amsterdam out of the place where you can not deprive yourself of taking away the typical tourist photography, another of its most renowned museums is the Van Gogh Museum dedicated to the genius of Impressionism which contains more than 200 paintings and 400 exhibited drawings of which its most outstanding are: The Diners of Potatoes, La Caca de Arle and of course , a version of its famous sunflowers; In general, there are over 50 very important museums in the city that attract millions of tourists every year.

The Dam Square is one of the most important squares of the place as it is a historical site with incredible architecture and atmosphere which, for example, in 1808, was the reception area of Napoleon and his troops during the taking of the city.
(The history in general of this country is documented in the Historical Museum of Amsterdam).
Another tourist attraction of the place is the floating flower market that draws attention for being the only floating market in the world, the stalls selling the flowers are placed in houseboats and this place is one of the distributors of the famous tulips and bulbs that are bought as souvenirs and in antiquity they were so valued that they made auctions of the most exquisite bulbs many of them unique in their kind.

The explanation for the famous Anne Frank House, which can be found in the heart of Amsterdam and is one of the most important buildings of the place, due to its history, was the place where Anne and her family lived during the Nazi invasion in World War II , the guide of the place offers a detailed explanation of what happened in each of the rooms of the house with some newspaper quotes better known and respected at the time.

To see the flowers, there is also the incredible Keukenhof Tulip Garden, which is one of the best places to see how the tulips bloom during the year, located outside, specifically in the town of Lisse, which is about an hour from the center of the city of Amsterdam. The sprawling park has more than 32 hectares filled with impressive collections of flowers, where of course the tulip is the protagonist. The garden contains greenhouses where you can buy flowers, bulbs, seeds, etc. This park is decorated with different lakes, fountains and even several windmills. Their most likely times to have visitors are during the month of March and the end of May when the tulips are in full bloom.

Overall we fell in love with Amsterdam which is undoubtedly a city with a lot of culture and incredible people, where you can always learn and know something new, a place open to new ideas more than anything else, for its young and modern population, 100% recommended to come and visit this amazing country, we are sad that we have to continue our journey and leave Holland but we closed this episode more than pleased to have been exploring the Netherlands and in particular the amazing city of Amsterdam.


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