When we talk about health and preventive care, obviously we immediately think of our dear friend Dr. Bacteria, who together with Rubén Torrego present us with common situations and that we often ignore the possible consequences on our health, a piece of delicious cake in who has already appeared as if by magic a little ant, what do you do throw it away or just take out the ant and eat the cake? Oh cruel doubt, a little ant what could hardly do us!

Well, Roberto Figuereido illustrates with a very real and simple example what an ant could carry in excess of 100 times its weight.

Foodborne Disease Organisms

Within medical treatment and in food facilities, pharaoh ants are known to transmit organisms such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Clostridium and Streptococci. This species of ant is especially worrying in hospital burn treatment units, where they are attracted by fluids produced by burn wounds, ants are also capable of transmitting organisms of foodborne diseases, as they are known to contaminate food with organisms from diseases like E. coli, Shigella and Salmonella.

For example, some ants prefer to infest bathrooms and kitchens in our homes, so consider the possibility of ants taking organisms from the trash can or toilet bowl and then transferring these organisms to utensils and food preparation areas while they feed on. around the house. House. It is important to be aware of and consider ants more serious than the disturbances they cause.

The diversity of ant species is high, and the genera found in kitchens, bathrooms etc., are the same as those found in hospitals, the abundance of ants during the dry season is of great ecological importance, as it can represent a great potential mechanism vector. This hypothesis is supported by the seasonal pattern of patient samples positive for bacteria, which predominated in the dry season.

Ants can be found on all floors of a hospital and in most areas, but are always more abundant on the first floor, the presence of food and other stimuli, such as chemicals spread in the air, diluted in wastewater and impregnated with objects , can stimulate the movement of ants in the hospital environment, regardless of where they nest, it is important to keep the different areas clean at all times.

And then you will face that delicious piece of cake with a little ant already at the banquet?

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