The destination of the three frontiers, among the three countries or the three musketeers as many know it, this city of the state of Paraná “Foz de Iguaçu” is bordered by Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, one of the most important and spectacular tourist attractions in the world, you can not miss the opportunity to know each of the places that this small town city have to offer you, especially the down town which has everything needed to make your visit more than unforgettable, first you have the opportunity all the incredible restaurants, barbecues and bars, nightlife is super busy, meeting points for all tourists as well as the coolest residents of the moment, that welcome tourists in a unique way, cool people and not only that, I assure you that the language will not be a barrier for visitors from all over the world that arrive daily to this magical city …
Why is this city magical?
Simple because it has one of the most beautiful natural beauties in the world Iguazu Falls more than 1.5km and more than 150 waterfalls that form a unique and spectacular look, you have the option to visit the Brazilian or Argentine side point viewers, but each one of them offers a completely different and unique look, so be prepared to take a safari photoshoot and walk a lot, do not forget to bring a cap, a good sunscreen and comfortable shoes… Ah!! Do not forget also take an extra t-shirt because you will definitely end up completely wet after going to the falls, soon you will understand why, walk through the trails inside the park on the Brazilian side, boat rides to enter into the waterfalls of a way that we sure will stay in your memory for life, you can also do the famous helicopter tours to see from the top the wonderful and unique majesty of Iguazu Falls, now from the Argentinian side you will have the opportunity to walk on the waterfalls, take some risk when visiting the elegant casinos or taking a drink in the coolest ice bar “looks like being into an Igloo” and after gambling and testing your luck and if you are lucky and the luck shines on your side and you still have money in your pocket go shopping Duty Free Shop on the Paraguayan side, we are sure you will want to buy extra bags because everything is incredible and with super accessible prices, after all this excitement, enjoy and relax on the Brazilian or Argentinian Resorts that surely will recharge your energy and willingness to return and as soon you come back home you will speak to all your friends and family how amazing this travel goes visiting one of the world most wonders that Iguazu Falls has to offer.

ESTOTOURS… The trip was incredible, let’s prepare next destination!

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