Nowadays, quite the contrary, we know that the health of men or women is right there in front of us and with personalized service by a team committed to health and quality of life. Once again, the talented Dr. Bruno de Castro Nagib Salomão, President of the Hominem Clinic male health clinic, meets us, Rubén Torrego goes straight to the point with Bruno, what exactly does Hominem do? Bruno responds: it is a male health medical clinic specialized in male sexual and hormonal disorders and therefore deals exclusively with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and hormonal changes (andropause) being today a reference in this segment.

Many of the patients who visit our clinics had already consulted a large list of professionals, who were unable to find an adequate solution to the problem presented. Our doctors are specialized in this field and use the most modern treatments in the world. Our treatment programs use methodologies widely described in publications of different scientific articles, but the experience in using the techniques and formulas of the proposed therapeutic options is what brings our excellence, making a difference from the point of view of the clinical results obtained.

Treatments are effective in men of all ages, our statistics show that our methods have positive results in most cases, regardless of age or medical condition.

Is it possible to own the Hominem Clinic mine?

What do I need to be a franchisee?

Do I need to be a doctor to own a Hominem Clinic?

All doubts Dr. Bruno clarified during the interview / chat with Rubén Torrego, we are going to invest in having a safe business and the best of having a TOP health!

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