We continue with the tour of ESTOTV Tournée, now in the fabulous country of England. Join Torrego, Arilton Freitas, Diana Dahre and Iracema in this adventure through the British lands where article number 1 to pack, without a doubt you have to know is … an umbrella.

In this segment they have to follow in detail our blogs to learn a little more about a country where cars are driven from the left side and the accent will always be my favorite, which is England, from our personal perspective, to start an umbrella is what First of all, we recommend you put them in your luggage as it is really! The most basic thing you have to take when visiting England because it is a VERY known country for its constant rains, in fact in some of the images and videos you can see people carrying an umbrella with them and even the puddles on the floor caused by the rains. Also, a curious fact is that around 80,000 umbrellas a year are lost in the London Underground (they are as needy as they are).

We really wanted to know some of the different cities that the UK offers us, stroll through the streets (which, as they have discovered in other segments of EstoTV Tournée, we are fans of long walks while we are getting to know a new place on the map), interview Many people and live a little of the English experience, which we can surely say was a success.

Of the things that caught our attention the most is that in the subways you can enjoy live music played by different artists with different instruments, although it is usually quiet music and you know that we are fans of anything coming from some current artistic.

Once we got off the subway, we met up with Diana Dahre in the city of Brighton, a really windy city, we almost felt like we were going to fly! So we are very warm in blogs.

Once we were all together it occurred to us to try one of the traditional dishes of England “Fish and chips” because it is impossible to come to England and leave without trying this so much talk, although in fact the first restaurant of “fish and chips ”was opened by a Jewish immigrant named Joseph Malin in 1890.

Unfortunately we feel that we may not hit the restaurant since we consider that they had a bit of a lot of fat OUCH!!! ​​but we plan to try again next time, because they already know what they say hope is the last thing to die.

What we can tell you from our experience in the UK is that it is a little expensive place, especially for the food, but that does not take away the wonderfulness of the country, Torrego from the beginning had a whole fairy tale in mind when thinking about England and He was not disappointed at all.

Both Torrego and Diana Dahre, think that Brighton makes you feel as if you were in a musical by the lights and the setting in general, at night it has an incredible artistic scene and it is something that many tourists can affirm.

If you plan to visit this city at some point in the future, here are some things you could do during your stay, for example in the cultural field, the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery is excellent for getting to know different pieces of British and European art, as well as They include pieces from America and many other places in the world and it is excellent not to forget to learn a little more about the culture and art of each country.

Brighton Pier is also a place that is highly recommended, it is one of the longest docks in the world, as well as one of the oldest where you get used to walking to enjoy the views of this city more closely.

Any opportunity to travel is excellent and of course England is not far behind, its people are super cute, the landscapes are beautiful, the cities are beautiful, what more could we ask for? Apart from that the landscapes totally justify wanting to sit for a cup of tea because at least in Brighton we would have liked it with all that wind. Tea in general is one of the most typical British customs that began since the era of industrialization, “tea time” is part of their afternoon routine and sometimes also accompanied with butter cookies, some milk or cucumber sandwiches. The curious thing about “tea time” was how it began to become customary, in fact it is said that Anna the seventh Duchess of Bedford began to take it to satisfy her hunger in the year 1840 since she used to eat only twice a day, the Breakfast and dinner. He began inviting his friends for tea and this practice became so popular that it became a fashion.

And of course we loved having the opportunity to practice our English and at least I personally am a fan of the British accent, although in fact 300 years ago French was actually the official language.

This is all for this segment of ESTOTVTOURNEE, but keep waiting for everything that comes!

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