We started our Spanish compilation with a little information about Raphael, one of Spain’s star singers. He was born on May 5, 1943 in Linares, and like most of the children he began singing in the school choir since he was a child; At age 9 he receives his first recognition in Salzburg, Austria for the best children’s voice in Europe. And at sixteen he began his career as a professional singer on the Phillips record label, from which he drew the inspiration to add the ph to his name as a star.
Once in Madrid we decided to start our Tour with La Puerta de Alcalá, one of the 5 old royal doors that gave access to the city of Madrid (the other four being: Puerta de Atocha, Puerta de Segovia, Puerta de Bilbao and Puerta de Toledo), said door is located in the Plaza de la Independencia and is now one of the most emblematic monuments of the city. This was inaugurated in 1778 by an Italian architect named Francisco Sabatini. It is a triumphal arch of granite in the neoclassical style. But the secret that many do not know about this architectural piece is that both sides of the door are different, since it tells the story that the artist chosen to carry out this monument sent King Carlos III several sketches and this he mistakenly dictated his approval by two of them and Sabatini did not dare to correct the king so I integrate them both at the door.
His name, like that of the street, was given to him because of his location, since he was on the road to get to Alcalá de Henares. It is so famous that Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel (both Spanish singers) decided to dedicate a song in 1986.
Then we continue our tour with the Prado Museum in its bicentennial, which opened in eighteen hundred and nineteen and this year completes the two hundred years! This national monument was designed by the architect Juan de Villanueva in one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five. This museum has the most complete Spanish painting collection in the world and since its founding a large number of sculptures, prints, drawings and decorative pieces have entered; apart from more than two thousand three hundred paintings. So the museum has not stopped expanding since its founding and what does not fit in its walls is stored or shared with other art galleries in the world.
We continue with a delicious tasting of the chocolates in the bakery Mallorca and it can be said that there is not enough space in the stomach to fit so many delicacies so it is completely recommended. This bakery is originally from Madrid, but has been expanding over the years. The first store was opened on October 31, 1931 by the couple of Bernardino Moreno and María García and the second was opened eighteen years later by their children.
And finally we did a tasting in one of the best restaurants in Madrid, or rather the current number one according to the algorithms of the Tripadvisor platform, called Cebo where thanks to the well-known chef Aurelio Morales the culinary experience is unique and unforgettable for any client . This restaurant is located within the Urban hotel of avant-garde architecture that is located within the central and most tourist area of this incredible city, a few steps from the Parliament. The kitchen of this restaurant is well known for being contemporary since it is always in constant evolution and techniques are applied not only from Spain but from many other places in the world, it is also known that it is nourished by national seasonal products and focuses a lot In the flavors of memory, one example is the two most famous dishes, La Croqueta de Callos and Boquerón, which evolved from the culinary heritage that was left to Chef Morales by his two grandmothers.
The history of this restaurant is based on the fact that it sought to unite the cultures of two cities (Madrid and Barcelona) so that gastronomy is not only from Madrid, but also has Mediterranean influences. Their schedule is from Tuesday to Saturday for those who are interested in paying them a visit. And one of its most famous dishes is a tasting menu / menu of 18 steps, which consist of: snacks, calçot, cod, shrimp, tripe, squid, caviar, asparagus, anchovy, red shrimp, rabbit, cococha, hock, cheese, strawberry, boqueria and ratafía.

Once we went and tried each of the attractions that have been previously mentioned, you can confirm that each of them is absolutely incredible and if you are in Madrid you can not hesitate to make a stop or more in any of these places. Definitivame

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