Justin Trudeau – Socks with life

"Enchanting" as always, because it is, charming indeed, since it is not only a trend in politics but also in fashion


“Enchanting” as always, because it is charming, since he is not only a trend in politics but also in fashion, he is undoubtedly an opinion leader and influencer all over the world and that is why I started calling him ” the one of ENCANTADOR, since like magical, it is enough that it uses or speaks of some subject so that this is tendency world, mainly between the young and politically speaking … Many already are following it like a reference for its speeches and appearances, this makes him even more “Charming” as if it were King Midas what he touches (in this case he wears) becomes gold and today is the case of socks, rather socks.

He recently wore red socks with maple leaves (no doubt a tribute to the Canadian flag), NATO themed socks (for a NATO meeting, obviously), Star Wars socks (for a meeting that took place on International Star Wars) and always have a pair of special socks to support all causes, as well as to dress them just for fun and pleasure.

The whole world is always on the lookout for him, but now more than ever he’s keeping an eye, only now in his socks too, and we could not stay behind, I particularly LOVE differentiated socks, whether with messages or just fun , everywhere I meet, I buy all those that enchant the vision, I really adore them, surely my wardrobe will gain a few more socks, since this finish the matter, I will go looking for more socks, that like Trudeau, I will use in special moments and unique !! And you’re waiting for what to buy yours? I’m sure that in addition to being super fashionable, you’ll feel a lot more cheerful, besides giving a unique touch to your look.

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