Every day more #SEMFILTRO when friends get together and tell about the most embarrassing situations that they themselves have experienced in their lives, we cannot avoid laughing at the occurrences of Rubén Torrego, Angela Pereira, Kelly Savieto & Diana Dahre, if we put on a list which it was the most difficult moment to swallow … let’s say that what Kelly’s friend experienced in Spain, which one? Hahahaha, it’s not like that either, let’s enjoy the chat of these friends and let’s mark here some of the most embarrassing moments that someone can spend, it may consist of stumbling while you are going up the stairs. I can’t say how many times I went up the stairs at school or even in my own home, and the slight slip of my foot would make my heart fall. Imagine people walking beside you and behind you, and suddenly you instantly screw up. Everyone’s first reaction is to laugh. I am convinced that nobody thinks: “maybe I will see if that person is well”. For the rest, your walk wherever you go, you don’t want anyone to say a word to you.

Imagine the embarrassing moment a human can go through is waving / talking to a stranger you thought you knew. How many times have you tried to wave or say hello to your friends, but suddenly it turns into a shrunken look from a stranger? Unfortunately, this has happened more than once in my life, you think when you try to pass someone, but accidentally walk in the same direction as the other person. You purposely try to avoid getting in their way, but they have the same mind that you make them do the same. The worst case occurs when you and that other person move continuously from left to right and cannot find a way to just pass each other, during that five second period, I learned from past experiences to walk in a straight line, showing confidence when approaching a crowd or person who comes to you. There are no studies shown, but for my past experiences, ninety percent of people get out of their way at the last possible second to avoid creating contact. I hope you can use this strategy the next time you find yourself in this scenario.

The most embarrassing moment that a person can experience nowadays when a click can change the course of life … imagine when you are chasing someone’s profile on social media, but accidentally like a post from more than a year ago. In the instance where your finger accidentally touches the screen, your heart leaves your body; think of this moment happening with your passion. Disappointed, I must admit that this may have happened to me before. After committing this shameful act, you immediately think of a way to recover. Not knowing what to do at the time, I went ahead and enjoyed all my passions for the previous photos, because you can’t just like one, right?

There are an unlimited amount of embarrassing moments that we experience daily, I’m sure that almost everyone can relate to at least one of these scenarios and get a laugh out of those stories. We will enjoy life the next time an embarrassing moment happens. You can go into a hole after feeling embarrassed, but enjoy life and don’t be afraid to smile because it happens to everyone.

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