On this occasion, in the segment of ESTOTV, we are facing a young man with a career planned, designed, thought, timed with a final goal. Rubén Torrego & Diana Dahre interview Pedro Costa, who at the age of 26 already has almost a decade of professional experience in the world of aeronautics and motoring.

Since his childhood, his world was surrounded by cars, his grandfather began more than sixty years ago with what is nowadays one of the strongest multi-service mechanic workshops in Brazil. sale of tires for all types of cars. However, in his childhood he did not only have cars … As a gift from Divine at his seven years, a friend of his family arrived by helicopter at the family farm, that image not only or conquered, the charm, since this great family friend to see the excitement and enthusiasm of Peter. took him for a ride in the helicopter and let him be his co-pilot, from that moment flying had become his passion, began with flight simulators, but it was not enough for Pedro who at 18 years of travel to the United States to carry out one of his life projects, fly officially, as he tells us in the interview … “Piloting a helicopter is not easy, I even had to force myself to learn to speak perfect English because it depended on it just to get my license, it depended on my life … Literal! because it had to be in constant communication with the Tower of Command “. (he told us enthusiastically), it was with determination and focus that Pedro obtained his pilot’s license; but his stubbornness did not stop there, obviously that the cars as it was family tradition continued in his life, so as the next project joined all his savings and bought his first Porsche to begin his career as a race driver, from his beginning his enthusiasm turned into a successful career, a race back another was won by Pedro Costa, who, in addition to automotive pilot / aircraft, is a successful business man he learned well from his experience while working in the business of family and following the example of life, he started his own business project: STRADALE Car Service, a workshop specializing in imported and sporting vehicles in Brazil.

With a clear mission, Pedro Costa of Obstinate temperament (as he defines himself) is a man who does not stop until he conquers his purpose, is methodical, enthusiastic, intelligent and definitely visionary, each step a new challenge that adds to the list of personal and professional successes.

In this interview, Ruben Torrego and Diana Dähre present us clearly as Pedro Costa even when he speaks, we can see that his sentences are thought, his speeches are unhurried and clear, paradoxically his high adrenaline and thoughts at extreme speed, it is as if everything around him stopped, he can see what is happening even before it happens, a step forward always, Pedro has managed to do what many young people left alone in dreams, to be a champion and a successful businessman with only 26 years, let’s pause to think if at this age he already has this trajectory … What are we going to see about Pedro Costa in the next few years? Definitely, our Broadcast Channel ESTOTV will closely follow the race in each competition and project.

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