Malú Lazari arrives with all the vibe and good vibes that a fifteen-year-old girl can have, keeps a smart and dynamic chat with Torrego with whom he talks about the projects and trajectory, it seems difficult to believe that with so young already has a trajectory , because this actress, model and voice actor tells us how she began her career and how she gradually entered more and more in this world, she recognizes she has no way of stopping, she has to bang doors to study and to be always active with projects, believe that it is the first step to really get a positive result, today we know she is already taking classes in one of the most prestigious schools of actors in the country led by one of the most important producers and directors in Brazil, without doubt this will bring news within the career of this young actress who already you vcs will see in projects of TV that in fact already are a reality more it is better yourselves to follow her social networks accounts to stay connected Dino with what is to come!
Just for you to have a little more idea Malu was already elected Miss Sao Paulo Mirim, Miss Brazil infantil, Miss Brasil Mirim, Fez music clip Lassee recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Also recorded short film (Family Reunion), Parades: Sao Paulo fashion kids & Rio fashion Kids, also participating in various fashion catalogs.

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