I think we all, from time to time, engage in activities that do not contribute to our greatest success or happiness. I definitely did it at some point in my life, the more I made the necessary changes once I identified what I lost the most energy, time or simply was out of my future plans, many of those changes at the time were part of decisions that completely changed the course of my history, I became a tireless entrepreneur, time is one of the riches that we have for free, however, as the saying goes, what comes easy … goes easy. I learned how valuable every second of the day was, I set limits, changed environments, breathed, re-analyzed my priorities, being clear that there was no time to lose in any activity that did not make me grow personally or professionally.

We all seek to succeed in life, more often we are wasting time doing things that prevent us from reaching our full potential, we generally do not recognize those things until someone comes and points them out to you.

It is important to analyze how we spend our days, hour by hour, and regularly look for ways to work smarter, ways to eliminate wasting time. So to begin with, productive and successful people never waste their time on things like:

• Productive and successful people are not caught on social media. Being on social media (checking Facebook notifications, scrolling through images on Instagram, TikTok, reading quick updates on Twitter or whatever it is that makes you waste the time you’ll NEVER get back) is part of everyday life ok. Knowing how to use any of those tools to attract greater success in your life, will completely change the way you will see social networks, first control how much time you spend in any of them, the hours will fly by keeping it in mind. Set a time limit (set an alarm if this helps you to close the application, so you can do something else) or only enter your social networks after completing the necessary work projects projected for your day, if this works for you forma uses social media as a reward.

• Productive and successful people do not go through the day without a plan, they have a purpose, a plan focused on the things they want to achieve, every day they count, avoid leaving it alone for a particular day. I think writing things down, making a coherent list of only two or three top priorities you need to accomplish per day, avoids a long list of things that at the end of the day this can be a double edged sword that will only bring you frustration. Write only the main priorities, break these big tasks into more reasonable steps and you will see that you will be able to finish them, you will cross them off the list, which will give you the necessary motivation to continue with this ritual daily.

• Productive and successful people do not perform emotionally draining activities. If you want to enter a truly successful life, you must focus on things that positively feed your life. Avoid wasting your time on things that drain you emotionally. Before committing your daily schedule with activities, make sure that the activity is positive for your life, learn to listen to yourself, believe in your instinct if you see that it will not, then think about rejecting it, do not feel compelled to give an answer in the time they ask you to do something. Think before saying yes, learning to say NO to things that will not bring you any benefit is one of the most important steps to value your time.

• Productive and successful people don’t worry about things they can’t control, realize that worrying doesn’t get you anywhere in life, especially if you can’t do anything about it, work on directing your thoughts to activities based on Action, on productive things, focus on the things you can do.

• Productive and successful people do not meet negative people, it is said that on average the five people you spend the most time with are the ones who will mark the path of your life, direct your goals consistently, avoid losing focus on your goal … In short, if you want to be better, you must surround yourself with people who are an example for you to follow for their personal and professional achievements, values ​​in their lives, that combine with what you want in your life, make sure eliminate negative energy as well as all the toxic people around you. If you want to rise in life, you must download what is weighing you down, so when you make a mistake, adopt a responsible mentality with which you are aware that it is part of your decisions, keep clear that you cannot go back to the past. Focus on what was learned and devise a strategy to move forward positively.

• Productive and successful people do not focus on what other people are doing, it is great to be inspired by what other successful people do or did, more as a motivating engine for your personal growth, avoid comparing your current life, the reality is that when you constantly compare yourself the only thing you will get is to pass from one successful person to another (sometimes they are not anymore …), the comparisons are confusing and intriguing mazes in our minds that always reach a dead end. Time to change your mindset, get inspired by others, but focus your mindset to compete only with the most important person: yourself.

• Productive and successful people are not prioritized, we all go through times when we lose sleep or do not exercise enough because apparently we need that time to work on a big project. More for long-term success and happiness, we must put ourselves first on the priority list. Some great ways to do this is to start the day with something you love to do, perhaps complete an excellent exercise, meditate, journal, or read your favorite book. Do what works for you, we are all different learn to listen to yourself, when you start your day doing something that you love, that is good for you, you will feel happy, focused and strong the rest of the day.

The reality of all these points that I share with you in conjunction with what I told you in the video, is because I believe in you, I believe in the potential you have, if you are still not clear about what you want in your life, I invite you to make a list of the things you DO NOT want in your life that will take you by the hand to the most appropriate path for your life.

Do not underestimate those who are not yet where you want to go, remember that they can also be on the same path to success, we can learn from everyone in our environment, we all have something to contribute, as well as something to learn.

Do not let life slip through your hands like water, always remember that where ignorance speaks … intelligence is silent, assertive, objective and fair with yourself.

Rubén Torrego

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