The Eighties … the Perestroika, Madonna, the first big productions of music videos like Thriller MJ, the baggi pants, the glasses of blinds and of course the Neon color, like simply giving a goodbye to what was undoubtedly a part waters in history, now a few decades later has once again become one of the strongest trends in the world of fashion, ESTOTV as is tradition was present only this time our art director Arilton Freitas opted to make an even greater coverage and this They were both our host presenter Rubén Torrego and our beloved presenter Diana Dahre together but at the same time separated since each one of them carried out interviews among the main participants of this Fair that takes place four times a year, with editions always close to the most important commemorative dates, BIJOIAS presents to the national and international buyers the novelties of about 200 Expositors, among renowned designers and traditional names in the industry.
Because it is an event designed especially for retailers, distributors and professionals in the sector, BIJOIAS is always focused on fostering new businesses, in addition to promoting the promotion of manufacturers on the rise, there were 4 thousand meters of fair divided between two floors, 4th floor with focus on costume jewelry and accessories and the 5th floor silver jewelry, jewelry with plated and semi-jewels.
In the case of the visitors they come across from its arrival, with all an idealization and production that is part of the branding that is necessary to mention each edition is more hurried and impressive, all the participants of each stand entered the climate of this tendency that this causing among the main celebrities, fashionistas and fashion designers a frenzy of almost unexpected dimensions, the domino effect of this trend is to demonstrate that technology goes beyond the visible now we have new textures, shapes, materials that make this vibrant color an amazing temptation, jewelry designers went into the vibe totally !!! Presenting the boldest accessories with organic materials, stones that look like seductive holographic pieces in constant movement.

It is worth seeing every minute of this coverage that without a doubt, is the best invitation to be already registered in the 85th edition BIJOIAS “COLORS” which we are sure will be SENSATIONAL!!!

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