When we talk about urbanity and nature at the same time seems to be a more than complicated issue, it is even utopian to reconcile the two things in harmony, the musicalization of dreams become reality when the necessary strength is put in the projects as for to go beyond what was established by society itself in an accelerated growth and even without measure, it is there that our guest, friend and partner Cris Gouvêa enters fully with its proposals of green roofs among other great projects, Torrego interview to ESTOTUCASA a leader in landscaping and in all that it does, its proposals and ideas are always controversial because it seeks change in action, it seems so difficult for many to understand for others it is a pleasure to enter into this proposal always with a mature and well-being vision for society and Brazil, this proposal of green roofs is not a novelty nor a rarity in the world several countries have already adopted and become great leaders in the world. There are reports of living roofs protecting houses with more than 70 years. In Germany, where there are the largest number of studies and research on the subject, they have been indicated as a potential for reducing costs of heating and cooling, reducing rainwater flow (and therefore flooding) and optional option of an aggregate space, which in turn increases the value of a property in the market. Green ceilings have been present in neighborhoods since 1943. What is really new is the way they are executed, some technical terms and lightness and practicality. Thus, we realize that the new technologies have only qualified the Ecoroofs around the world.
Millennium Park is a very award winning public park, with 24.5 acres of space for performance, art, sculpture, architecture and landscaping, located in Chicago, USA. “Created to revitalize an area of 25 acres of land in Chicago’s Grant Park, Millennium Park incorporates innovative advances in sustainable design, including the world’s largest green roof.” The park opened on July 16, 2004 transforming an industrial wasteland into a Chicago showcase for cutting-edge art, architecture, landscaping, music and more. Today, it is the second largest tourist attraction in Chicago.
With 24.5 acres, Millennium Park is considered the largest, or one of the largest, green roof-intensive projects in the world, for being on top of an underground garage, nor does it look like a roof, but it is! This green roof is 20,000 square feet larger than the second largest green roof in the world at Frankfurt International Airport in Frankfurt, Germany.
Chicago has more green roofs than any US city and some of its larger ones are built on underground structures. They are more than 200 green roofs, covering a total of 233 thousand square meters.
It is worth remembering that any green contribution to the planet and in any city in the world brings not only aesthetic benefits, we could say that a green roof is an ecological “donkey”, reducing drainage and energy consumption. It still provides acoustic protection, creates habitat for birds and insects, and is the key to mitigate the island’s heat effect.
The look of many large cities around the world is changing and bringing nature back to the concrete landscape, Cris Gouvêa goes even further now is also bringing the proposal of besides making green roofs and gardens sensory and purpose specific for each project and person, either to strengthen health, emotional system, or simply for the pleasure of doing good.

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