The more you play the more complicated topic gets to stay… the reality is that plastic surgery comes to be addictive and just like the saying goes,
“Betraying and scratching is just beginning”
Well, it’s true to have plastic surgery for aesthetics, and every day there is a trend towards beauty, everything that you see but you do not feel… but that is another topic to discuss, but we’ll leave it for later, for now. The most beloved duo of ESTOTV Ale & Torrego arrive with again disturbing and intoxicating theme for the segment ESTONAHORA.
Am I supposed to have surgery?
Will this change anything about me?
Will it bring me happiness?
Will I be satisfied this time?
It will be and will be and will be … The plastic surgery every day is achieving perfection and with this gaining more ground worldwide, who did not want at some point in their life to do some plastic surgery to correct any of those points that do not in the end surgery is already a resource so trivialized that it is losing its meaning, we are looking for in external changes what we first need to change internally, the exterior will never look perfect to our eyes.
We always want more, always just a little bit… when the reality is that after surgery many are not only amazed at the results are lost and abstracted, they may even fall into depressive behaviors and that is a difficult illness, which colors how you see and feel about yourself. So, if you find yourself making the “mistakes” below, that have no back, we often look for a second surgery to correct the results of the first, and so we arrive at the third and fourth and at a count that has no end.
The good surgeries can really bring our lives very important results and raise our self esteem, however we have to be prepared to understand that any invasive change in our body will definitely change our look and self knowledge for life, some we are prepared for it and more, some are not, where again psychology plays a very important role, become aware of what we are, want and can do, be responsible for our own decisions make us grow and grow stronger, but have all possibilities open… Because any surgical error could be irreversible and irreparable, but only we are responsible for our body and decisions.

ESTONAHORA … The touch that heals.

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