In one of the most popular and important neighborhoods of São Paulo City, “Bom Retiro district” in one of the most prestigious spaces in terms of the most trends in fashion, Arvo Studio, is a salon specialized in hair care, in this elegant space is where you can now find one of the most renowned, famous and trendy Hair Stylish Artist of the moment, Juliano München, who creates the most daring, elegant, fashionistas and stylish hairstyles.

The “Hair Stylish of the Misses”, conquer the most exquisite and demanding women, as well as the most important men of the City of São Paulo and actually many men and women from whole the country who comes in search of this renowned hairdresser to make and create their looks, because of this, it is why we could not leave pass up the opportunity to record a story for our ESTOTV channel, so we came directly to this Arvo Studio space of beauty, fashion and art.

Rubén Torrego meets with Juliano München to talk about how this famous hairdresser traced the trajectory of his career and how he came to live in the “Paulista” Capital of the state of São Paulo.

With more than fifteen years as a professional in the field, Juliano München did, what many could not do in their career in years, built his name, gaining the prestige, respect, affection and recognition of personalities, socialites and the most demanding fashionistas characters of the “Paulista” Capital .

With a few months to settle in São Paulo, Juliano München is already disputed by the most important salons of the City, but it is here in Arvo Studio, in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro that he found his space, niche and his place to shine at this moment, and this space has the best hair care products and the best products currently imported directly from Korea, all of which are Arvo’s own brand, is the nano technology dryer, one of the main attractions of them, in addition to being the only place that offers it in São Paulo, it is one of the most sought-after treatments for customers and clients of Arvo, this appliance, besides drying, will generate a vapor that not only protects the hair from contact with high temperatures that could damage the hair, will give shine, moisturizing and even works for those who have rebellious and curly hair, helping them to have a much lighter look, loose, sophisticated and fashion style.

Rubén Torrego during the interview with this hair artist Juliano München, let himself to be spoiled by letting Juliano create a new look, our anchor tv host receives the best moisturizing treatments, nano technology in the drying process and through him that reaches for all of us the best by Juliano München himself.

It is very worth checking this matter, which we are sure that you will make youre appointment for your visit to Arvo Studio, and from now and on set your schedule on the busy schedule of this renowned Hair Studio and be care by Juliano München, so that you also receive directly from him the best treatments for your hair and the best cutting suggestions for your face type, hair and daily needs.

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